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i haven't felt this empty in a long time. the numbness is already there but now i can't move. the water from my eyes is making me blind. oh where has the time gone? i think i'm going to go and stare at the ceiling come more because sleeping is something i haven't been able to do for a couple days now.
this is not really a poem, but i thought it sounded kind of nice.
Narcolepsy* hard and heavy watch me fall asleep
            Lulled to bed in a cunning thread of the tangled web we weave
    I dream in pristine colors, windows of my mind anew
No fingerprints or ***** looks or evidence of you

         I find comfort in forever wherever it may be
        I may have left my home but it will always stay with me
                 The smell of all the smoke with the sound of all the rain
   On constant playback every second deep within my brain

        I found that time is all that matters and everything else faded
        I spent years and years learning how to forget everything I hated
    I've only gotten older and have nothing left to show
              Except a ringing alarm clock and blood on my pillow

Narcolepsy** hard and heavy watch me as I sleep
     Another pill, another high, another date to keep
      If I shall die before I wake, I hope that I'm with you
    Then it won't matter where I go, cause you will see me through
..She tried to find herself
in places that didn't exist
Aaargh! Can't believe I won the daily! Thank you to everyone who liked and shared. Lots of love.
All things fade
Rain washes away the deeds done
Somewhere on the earth, in the trees
On a winding path, where the fireflies
Like failing Christmas lights flicker.
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