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lena k Oct 2018
i am sry
that i refuse 2 water
the flowers
that r in my brain
ur the only flower
i provide water 2
and i give it all 2 u
**** the flowers in my brain is my mental health if u can't tell
  Aug 2018 lena k
Wynter Watkins
Today was the worst day ever, again.
And don't try to persuade me that
There's something good in everyday
because, when you look closer,
this world is a pretty evil place
even if
God shines through every now&then;
Satisfaction and happiness don't last
It's a lie that
it's all in the mind and heart.
true happiness can be obtained
when things around you are good
it's not true that good things are real
I'm sure you can agree that
it's out of my control
You'll never, ever, hear me say
Today was a good day.

( now Read is backwards)
I'm feeling a little.. exhausted today.
  Aug 2018 lena k
I fell out of love
with the thought of
falling in love.
I think there's a phase in life where you'll stop fantasizing about love and focus more on what's really revolving around you
  Aug 2018 lena k
Abdullateef Moshood
Baby stay with me
Make my heart your home
You will be my guardian
And we could build a rome
Baby stay with me
Through every wrong or right
We could be like moon and star
And make the night look bright
Baby stay with me
Because you’re my drug
You will be my socket and I will be the plug
And forever ‘d be our starting point
Baby stay with me
Coz I can’t live without you
Ask me if I’d be your heaven and earth
And I will tell you “I would”
Baby stay with me
Although today is blur
But tomorrow could be brighter
And we could have enough
Baby stay with me
I’ll be your half in love
No matter how little I have
I’ll give you my world
Baby stay with me
And I’ll be your armour
I will fight against the odds
If they trynna harm ya
Baby stay with me
I wont man you with greed
And I will do everything
To satisfy your needs
Baby stay with me
Be my love and friend
And even when we reach heaven
Our love will never end (we would continue there)
Baby stay with me
You know I’ve always been lonely
You know my life is lifeless
Coz you’re the only one for me
Baby stay with me
I’ll never misuse my ego
Although some people trynna rid you
But we’ll overcome their evil
Baby stay with me
And never let me down
And let’s write the kind of story
That ‘ll make the world say wow
lena k Aug 2018
i used to crave
empty lungs
****** wrists
and a dead heart

but ever since i fell in love with you
i crave listening
to your voice
and being the reason
for your smile

you are the light
at the end of the tunnel
and the rainbow
at the end of my storm
*TRIGGER WARNING*: self-harm, suicide
lena k Aug 2018
you violated me
like my not consenting to you
made you want to explore my body more.

why is it
that when i pushed your hand away
you thought it was an invitation
to go further?
lena k Aug 2018
i'm sorry.
i'm sorry that you're stuck with me.
stuck with someone who 's only happy when you're around.
someone who doesn't believe you when you say
you love them
because they have learned that they
are not lovable.
i'm sorry you're stuck with someone
who has trust issues
someone who flinches when a man sits next to them
someone who looks at sharp things differently
than you do
someone who overthinks everything
and believes you're bored of them.
someone who hold grudges
because that's the only way
they know how to protect themselves
someone who forgets to eat
someone who can't love herself
as much as you say you love them.
someone who will never believe you care about them
because they can't even care about themselves.
someone who will always believe
that you deserve better than them.
i'm not good enough for you ****
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