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Only when we become a Mother
Do we truly understand
How much pain comes
With unconditional love,

It is only then
That we realise
How much it hurts
To be rejected
When push comes to shove.

To be taken for granted
Or not,

To be disrespected,
And talked-down-to, alot.

Only when we become a Mother
Do we fully comprehend
That our Mothers
Did the best that they could,

They, too, just like us,
Had their own issues
To deal with;
They didn't burden us,
We wouldn't have understood!

They cried just as much
As they smiled--if not more!
They gave more than
They ever received,

They placed everyone's needs
Before their own--since the day
That we were conceived.

They held back tears
Whenever we upset them,

They died inside
Whenever we neglected them
And disrespected them.

Whenever we patronised them -
Whenever we were condescending,

Whenever we blammed them -
Whenever we took them for granted -
When we gave no thought
Nor tried to be understanding.

They only ever wanted
The best for us -
They gave of themselves
Something nobody else
Was ever capable of,
Or willing to do!

Only when we lose our Mothers
Do we live with the regret,

A true blessing,
A pure love we were given--
Our first real love,
The one love
We will never,
Replace or forget!

By Lady R.F. (C)2017
Dedicated to our precious Mothers.
Angels without wings!

And, whilst I am aware
That we weren't all blessed with such giving Mothers, I'm certain that even those whom weren't had a deep intention to be so, but life got the better of them.
 Jul 2017 Eden Tucay
Nida Mahmoed
I am sewing a dress
with the thread of strength,
And knots of ambitions,
And when it’s ready,
Then will iron it
with the remission,
I am sewing my broken soul!

By: Nida Mahmoed.
 Nov 2016 Eden Tucay
 Nov 2016 Eden Tucay
There's something about
Love that you
if 99%
of your life
ends up
in failure
that 1%
of luck
for love
is enough
to rebuild
I guess in my file i never got that 1%, one of the reason why i wrote "unlucky". I think its enough for me to say this hypothesis. My failures are always on a safe distance to be okay, so even though this is just an observation, i still think 1% though very small, its enough for a person to stay tough and move through to life and love. Thanks for reading.
 Nov 2016 Eden Tucay
Autumn Rose
Two nightingales
sitting on a
pine tree,
singing together
to the crystal sea.
I wonder how
each nightingale
has a someone
to sing to a
little forest melody.
Oh, how they
sing so soft,
so sweet.
I wonder
if my heart
keeps singing,
will my melody
go to someone
who will sing
back a
love song
to me...
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