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 Nov 2016 Eden Tucay
 Nov 2016 Eden Tucay
if i die,
I want to be content,
and atleast happy
A shout out wish.
 Nov 2016 Eden Tucay
 Nov 2016 Eden Tucay
In my world i never been
able to say i have love.
I guess I'm just a shut-in
who never got to enjoys the
affection of someone special.
Someone who treats me better,
& cherished me - like
someone who's
to be
So in the end
I built too many walls,
too insecure to be vulnerable
and very much afraid
to be heartily

truth be told, raw feeling.
 Oct 2016 Eden Tucay
It's hard to be two selves
Existing in one

When every day is exhausting
It's not at all fun

Li_ will celebrate Christmas
And not give a thought to me

It's easy when you have
People you love
And a great family

Hard when you feel alone
When you grow tired of your home

I'll spend Christmas morning
In my car
I won't drive far

There is a more of me
In my left shoulder
That in my right

My head doesn't feel centered
And its not alright

I do physical therapy
Stretches, and weights everyday
I just want symmetry
Want the akwardness
To go away

I used to be happy
I used to be able to feel

Now its just one emotion
Now you know the deal

Well my therapist
Never really cared

I'm just a lonesome body
Somewhere out there....
Fire to ashes
Mountains to dust
Water to ice
Metal to rust

Like to lust
Lust to love
Love to hate
Hate to love

Breath to life
Life to death
Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust

By Lady R.F (C) 2016
 Oct 2016 Eden Tucay
purple anthem
restless phantom
darkening autumn
haunted cavern
enemy's verse
stranger curse
awakened by
yesterday's hearse
will add to this later :+)
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