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Eden Tucay Nov 2016
A greed person is hurrying to be on top, stepping  down the people by his side.
But once he reached the top, he will realize how sad without anyone beside.
How fool!
Eden Tucay Dec 2016
Ang tao pag naba-bad trip sa'yo ng walang makatarungang dahilan -- insecure yun or kulang sa pansin...pansinin mo at purihin...kawawa naman... Dahil sa kabila ng pagiging higit, mababa pa rin ang tingin sa sarili.
Eden Tucay Aug 2016
3 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

2 A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;

3 A time to ****, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;

4 A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;

5 A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;

6 A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away;

7 A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;

8 A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.
This is my favorite Bible passage...
Eden Tucay Aug 2016
With a rounded eyes and not too tall,    
Like a dark blueberry that fall              
With a curly hair but not too small,      
Like a futile shell that installed.            

Covered with refined green in aerial,
Blushed with light blue in terrestrial,
Clear drifting water of mineral,
Like real golden grain of cereal.

Swept by reminishing the mem’ries,
When captured by other countries,
Impaled by their nasty activ’ties,
Hallowed the heart of the ladies.

Our cheeks with drops of rain in disguised,
While deserting the place of mice,
Grudging our father and to demise,
Our land with invaluable price.

You can see us in the wild maze none,
Co’z the land in our palm was gone,
When they killed her one and only son,
All of his dreams were left undone.

Product of knave they infuse to us,
Iniquity they laced on us,
They slapped us in front of the mass,
“Where is justice”, we simply asked.

Why are we surpassing these sorrows?
… because of our **** black color?
You bang us with your fatuous harrow!
Do you think our minds are narrow?

Be dauntless and wield your dignity,
In spite of their brutality!
Cultivate the solidarity
In your poor personality!
I wrote this poem when I was in 1st year college.
Eden Tucay Sep 2016
We’re in search again.
Another blister to rub.
Another tired shoulder.

Don’t let my eyes shut.

Red alert…yelling…

This unknown place
To add in my list

Rain falls.
Muddy. Sweaty.


There’s a pebble in my combat shoes
Can’t stop right now.
The sun will rise soon.
“Be there at 3am”, command I hear.

The wild creatures are creeping for escape.
The wild forest,
The strange sound of birds humming their anthem.
Sounds like a lament.

Get down.
Look, listen…

This strange shoes gets my morale low.

Pebbles…more pebbles…
Need to take off now.
My feet are swelling.



High pitch. I can hear a high pitch in my left ear.
Can’t get up right now.
Need to stay low.
Blow all the lead I’ve got.

Man down. 1, 2, 3…

Putting on… putting my shoes on.
Need for my retreat.
No time now, can’t be late in half second.
There it lays, my combat shoes in the wild.
Eden Tucay Sep 2016
"Welcome to the fallout
Welcome to resistance
The tension is here
Between who you are and who you could be
Between how it is and how it should be..."
                                                          ­                -Switchfoot, Dare you to move
Eden Tucay Sep 2016
Don't magnify your weaknesses.
Eden Tucay Aug 2016
"Our home is not far behind, the world is ahead"
                                                                             - Gandaff, The Hobbit
Eden Tucay Aug 2016

Hindi lahat ng prinsipyo ay tama gaano man ito kapositibo. Ang kawastuhan ng bawat prinsipyo at pananaw ay naaayon sa: panahon, tao, katangian at kakayanan nito, konkretong kalagayan at kung minsa'y kasama pati ang kulturang kinabibilanagan.
Kaya ang sabihing "wag **** masyadong seryosohin ang buhay" o kung ano pang mga kasabihan, ay maaaring tama at mali, ayon sa mga nabanggit.
Ano't ano pa man, ikaw pa rin ang huling magpapasya. Ano man ang maging pananaw ng ilan sa iyo, ituring **** ito'y bahagi lamang ng buhay mo at hindi nila.

4/1/2016 - Hindi porke nagiisa malungkot na. Dahil mas malungkot kung nakiki-high five ka sa lahat pero pag talikod mo fina-**** u ka na pala.

4/4/2016 - kahit ano pang sabihin nila, mas masarap pa rin sa pakiramdam yung umiintindi ka ng kapwa kesa sa naninira ng kapwa. kaya sa tingin mo sinong may mas masarap na pakiramdam ngayon?

4/11/2016 - napag-alaman kong hindi sa lahat ng pagkakataon ang iyong pagpapagal ay may mabuting ang iyong mga inaasahan ay may balik. hindi sa lahat ng panahon ang polisiya ay nasusunod.. ni ang itinakdang panukat ang siyang ginagamit na panukat.

4/21/16 - kahit ginawan ka ng masama ng iba, nasaktan ka, 'wag kang gaganti...dahil hindi mo trabaho yun. 'wag **** agawan ng trabaho ang Diyos. Dahil alam mo sa sarili mo pag ang Diyos ang gumati, mas sakto at perpekto.

4/26/16 - Those people who mocks prayer entertain curse to their lives.

4/27/2016 - "ang position nilalagay sa puso, hindi sa ulo." - M' Avie

5/11/2016 - Alin ang mas pinaka-nakakapagod, ang magtrabaho gamit ang isip o gamit ang pisikal na katawan? Kasi sa totoo lang, wala naman talagang nakakapagod doon...mas nakakapagod makitungo sa mga katrabahong mahirap pakitunguhan...

6/6/2016 - Duwag lang ang nagpaparinig.

7/12/2016 - Wala naman talagang absolute fairness, dahil ang tao minsan nagdidesisyon sa ngalan ng "fairness" nilang tinatawag pero ang totoo, ito ay nagsisilbi pa rin sa kanilang interes dahil may integridad silang pinapangalagaan. Doon masasabi ng iba, "fair" ang taong ito.

7/28/2016 - monologue at bugtungan

"Ginagawa ko naman ang trabaho ko pero habang tumatagal ako sa serbisyo hindi ako nadadagdagan kundi nababawasan." - Lapis

"Tingin-tingin, maghapong nakatingin. Kahit pa magdamag, 24/7 walang kurap." - CCTV (tao, bagay, hayop?) :-)

"Gusto nila sa akin laging mabilis dahil pag bumagal ako sasabihin nila "nakakainis", "walang kwenta.", etc, etc. - BAGP network
Eden Tucay Nov 2016
I forgive but do not forget,
but even if I do not forget I never take revenge.
Not taking revenge means you really forgive
and not forgetting is a learning that will make you wiser.
Eden Tucay Oct 2016
I want to live in the deep forest,
Where I can sip the brewed coffee I grind in the morning mist,
Where I can eat the fruits, vegetable and herbs I’ve planted.
I wanna live.

I want to live in the deep forest,
Where my clean and simple hut can found,
Where different flowers bloom,
Where clear stream of water flows.
I wanna live.

You little sweet Maya bird,
Why are you crying?
Have you lost your mother
To sigh like that?
Worry no more, she’ll come back
With the food on her beak
that will satisfy your soul.

I want to live in the deep forest,
Where I can cultivate my own rice field,
To reap, cook and serve on my wooden table.
I’ll eat ‘till I satisfy my soul.
I wanna live.

I want live in the land
Where there is no famine,
No war, only peace.
Even there are rivalries,
They settle for the purpose of common good.
Arguments is being done to unleash the right.
And they embrace right.

I wanna live.
Eden Tucay Aug 2016
They swallowed me and spit out.
My pride was dispelled in a cold land.
The tumid persecution with the connivance of rake rampantly exhume my organs.
My fervent desire in extending my hand was ebbing fast.
I’m a feme. I’m at the end of my tether.

They ******* my hands and feet on both edge of the glandola.
I was surrounded by darkness frozen alone.
From night till dawn they flogging me then soak in salty water.
No more grain of hope for me to see the birth of my son.
I can taste no more the honeydew that my husband had brought me.

They will surely lament for me…
They whom I vowed to serve and cherish.

Who wants to indite a poem for me?
Who wants to limn my life story?

My lesion leaked by flies has been dried up.
My body was mortify in shame without any clad.

I’m at the end of my tether.

They will remember me!
They will tell my life story.
They will fight for me!
They, the youth, will cut the Gordian knot!

This is for people who served the people and become victim of extra judicial killings.
Eden Tucay Sep 2016
"you loose the moon, then be a star.
It's not too soon be who you are.
Wherever road looks way to far.
It's not what you have,
It's who you are.

Its never the glory, it's never the score.
It's not about seeing who's less and who's more.
Cause when you found out how fast and how far
you'll know it's not of what you have,
It's who you are."
                                      - A.J Michalka, It's who you are
                                                *theme song from the movie The Secretariat
Eden Tucay Nov 2016
A frigid night outside the friary
Where only hears the sound of hearse
Insensible heart but with sadness
Liniment by loneliness and sadness.

Forever drown in this solitude fane
Clad with great shame
Mincing to wait yet groaning under pain
Her laconic eyes seems in chain.

A nightmare echoed as knell
An old cascade now pouring down tears
Can't find a way to be elated.
Destituted and chilled by many faces.

How lonesome you are!
You're dismal and with devious pride
You elude but always caught
A mariontte that always drift.

They repress you to fly
And a peevish child in you makes you cry.
Someone's flayed you but you denied
You only have one hop but they owed you a thousand strides.

They inflict you to 'kiss the rod'
Now you're a 'damsel in distress'
Your flimsy wings turns into embers
Reason why they taunt you and makes your dreams shutter.

But I know this knell will turn into a serenade
Though I have an embered wings, someday
I will reincarnate
I will bring back my glittering cascade.
I will leave this frigid friary and devastate their masquerade.
never thought I still have the soft copy of this...
a poem from my college life.
Eden Tucay Sep 2016
People who lies to save their self is more understandable than to receive a lie from a friend just to devastate you.
Eden Tucay Jul 2017
A person who doesn't know how to respect privacy is a theif.
Eden Tucay Sep 2016
"In every problem there's always a solution. If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem."
                                                       ­       - Chinkee Tan
Eden Tucay Aug 2016
Pressure is not a pressure unless you treat it as a challenge. In every situation, you have the power to choose on what angle you will look on.
Eden Tucay Aug 2016
Be creative in using your time. There's a lot of things to do. There is no dull moment. If you let boredom to your head, you will just get mad and you will loose competence. And then you will sum up yourself that you're useless...and then you will become useless indeed. Because what the mind conceives, the body achieves.
Eden Tucay Aug 2016
We're not in the primitive time where people are separated by tribes. We're civilized people joined in one organization. So stop the tribal war and work as one.
For those who work in one organization.
Eden Tucay Aug 2016
Sometimes, leaders should let their subordinate to do on

their own way. After all, they might have new learning from them...Yes

new learning, if and only if they are open minded. Else, they will end

up thinking that their subordinates are trying to surpass them. By

then, they will create an imaginary enemy that makes the organization

be rotten.
Eden Tucay Aug 2016
Some people have this kind of irritating-abrasive personality that you will come up to judge that their mouth is bigger than their brain! Ooops, is that too harsh? Mind your attitude, because you might be one of them too.
Eden Tucay Aug 2016
General rule in having an argument with others:

Keep your heart warm, your head cold.
Eden Tucay Aug 2016
Confrontation is better than unsolicited statement.
Eden Tucay Aug 2016
Saying thank you, please, excuse me or sorry are form of manners. You need to wear it all the time. Else, you're **** dude!
Eden Tucay Aug 2016
If you're a leader and you don't have plan to prosper for your subordinates, you should go to an island and build your own empire...but off course you know that's not possible, because you can't be on top without anyone below.
So try to look down sometimes and show some gratitude.
Eden Tucay Aug 2016
People who lacks on material things fill their selves on non material things which makes them even more richer and blessed than the other.
Eden Tucay Aug 2016
The best counter attack to an enemy is silence aaand..wait for the word---ignore.
Eden Tucay Aug 2016
Be better not meaner.
Eden Tucay Aug 2016
If nobody's perfect in terms of physical appearance, what right do you have to criticize others?
Eden Tucay Aug 2016
There are people who are designed to make your life a hell...but don't worry, they will be only few. Anyway, there is a great God that will help you and He will fight for you.
Eden Tucay Sep 2016
Let your tears fall down.
It's not a weakness that others may found.
It's pouring your all in all in the ground
To sprout the new you with a crown.
Eden Tucay Sep 2016
“Without love for the people and concern for the nation, ’tis not poetry.” “Without aching for our era and outrage at the world, ’tis not poetry.” “Without striving for good and guarding against evil, ’tis too is not poetry.”

                                                       ­   - Moon Jae Shin,  Sungkyunkwan Scandal
Love this drama!!!
Eden Tucay Aug 2016
Where does my pen go?
I can’t find it in the pocket of my cold-faded jeans.
I used to have it when I was in college mingling with the intellectuals that try to find a good post in society.
Where is it now?

I have something to write on my hand size booklet.
Where does it go?

On a bus, I feel I’m pressing toward the sunset all day since it’s cloudy.
Here come the raindrops.
It finally touches my glass window.
I have more time to think on since travel would take few hours.
Have I slept?

I think I let it that way.
Too many words to utter but kept inside.
Then I’ll need to write it down.

Where does my pen go?
Years have become stitches in my mouth.
Ten thousand words to consolidate in a phrase. Can’t write it down.
I think my right hands can no longer connect with my fast aggressive left mind.
Stiches, more stiches to zip the words in my pocket.

My window started to moist.
Rain, let it rain.
The fog enters on a small hole.
I guess it clogs out the burden.

It melts the spirit of selfishness and now I wanna wield my pen and dance with it.
Still don’t have it.
As my finger walks through my glass window, I know I can write it down.
There it says “VOW YMC”.
Voice Out What Your Mind Conveys.
3am, out in a bus.

— The End —