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Eden Tucay Jul 2017
A person who doesn't know how to respect privacy is a theif.
Eden Tucay Dec 2016
Ang tao pag naba-bad trip sa'yo ng walang makatarungang dahilan -- insecure yun or kulang sa pansin...pansinin mo at purihin...kawawa naman... Dahil sa kabila ng pagiging higit, mababa pa rin ang tingin sa sarili.
Eden Tucay Nov 2016
A greed person is hurrying to be on top, stepping  down the people by his side.
But once he reached the top, he will realize how sad without anyone beside.
How fool!
Eden Tucay Nov 2016
I forgive but do not forget,
but even if I do not forget I never take revenge.
Not taking revenge means you really forgive
and not forgetting is a learning that will make you wiser.
Eden Tucay Nov 2016
A frigid night outside the friary
Where only hears the sound of hearse
Insensible heart but with sadness
Liniment by loneliness and sadness.

Forever drown in this solitude fane
Clad with great shame
Mincing to wait yet groaning under pain
Her laconic eyes seems in chain.

A nightmare echoed as knell
An old cascade now pouring down tears
Can't find a way to be elated.
Destituted and chilled by many faces.

How lonesome you are!
You're dismal and with devious pride
You elude but always caught
A mariontte that always drift.

They repress you to fly
And a peevish child in you makes you cry.
Someone's flayed you but you denied
You only have one hop but they owed you a thousand strides.

They inflict you to 'kiss the rod'
Now you're a 'damsel in distress'
Your flimsy wings turns into embers
Reason why they taunt you and makes your dreams shutter.

But I know this knell will turn into a serenade
Though I have an embered wings, someday
I will reincarnate
I will bring back my glittering cascade.
I will leave this frigid friary and devastate their masquerade.
never thought I still have the soft copy of this...
a poem from my college life.
Eden Tucay Oct 2016
I want to live in the deep forest,
Where I can sip the brewed coffee I grind in the morning mist,
Where I can eat the fruits, vegetable and herbs I’ve planted.
I wanna live.

I want to live in the deep forest,
Where my clean and simple hut can found,
Where different flowers bloom,
Where clear stream of water flows.
I wanna live.

You little sweet Maya bird,
Why are you crying?
Have you lost your mother
To sigh like that?
Worry no more, she’ll come back
With the food on her beak
that will satisfy your soul.

I want to live in the deep forest,
Where I can cultivate my own rice field,
To reap, cook and serve on my wooden table.
I’ll eat ‘till I satisfy my soul.
I wanna live.

I want live in the land
Where there is no famine,
No war, only peace.
Even there are rivalries,
They settle for the purpose of common good.
Arguments is being done to unleash the right.
And they embrace right.

I wanna live.
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