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Jul 2016 · 711
Red Light, Motherfucker
DRXX Jul 2016
Please, stop
Because if you won't
I won't find
My way home

Please, stop
Because the strings
Resting within me
Won't last long

Dear, just ******* stop
It's already done
Snapped were the strings and lost was I
I don't see your point anymore
Last crap for today. Ciao!
Jul 2016 · 2.3k
DRXX Jul 2016
Centimeters were needles
And meters were knives
Are you coming home?
Can you ever be mine?
For the one that I loved who will board a ship soon.
Jul 2016 · 438
Too Much
DRXX Jul 2016
From the moon
I took a bite
I swallowed it
Only to die
Be contented kasi.
Feb 2016 · 506
Puzzle Piece
DRXX Feb 2016
I didn't fit
Haven't belonged
For I'm a piece
Of a puzzle forever gone
Feb 2015 · 4.1k
DRXX Feb 2015
God, let me cry
For I am tired of my own smile
And that if cannot be
Please give me strength for sincerity
Feb 2015 · 422
Down Below
DRXX Feb 2015
Dream of the above
The crisp and sweet air to swill
But we’re sunken wrecks
Feb 2015 · 3.7k
DRXX Feb 2015
Maybe Cupid is,
with all his misled arrows,
god of pain and tears.

— The End —