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You said you
Counted fifty geese
When I was happy
I had counted ten
 Jan 2021 Diksha Dhiman
Some days I'm the dragon,
Others I'm the knight.
But most days I'm the peasant girl in the darkness searching for light.

are the ink
for the pen
a poet uses
to write
- L.M.
There is  such a calm
In walking early winter chill
Everything seems frozen
In time
The rippling lake
Of su.mer seems to have stilled
The chatteiring.of
Birds flying by
Leaves the sky
But it is
There's a mystical
That permeates the air
God is where your heart is.
Life is where your mind is.
 Jan 2021 Diksha Dhiman
 Jan 2021 Diksha Dhiman
you brought me to the sky
We admire the stars at night
and love the sunlight at morning
but your clouds are suffocating me
so I let myself fall
 Jan 2021 Diksha Dhiman
Around us.

       Around you.

                    Around me.

                                  Everything is so

 Jan 2021 Diksha Dhiman
Ciel Noir
 Jan 2021 Diksha Dhiman
Ciel Noir
this is how I feel about you
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