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Enter my heart dear Jesus,
And infuse your love in it:
Like the stars in the heavens,
Help my heart be brightly lit.

I'll open my heart Jesus,
In it, there I want your love,
There you're welcome to enter:          
By me you're thought highly of.                          

When I find life hard to live,
Wisdom, give me so I'll see,
That life can be  beautiful,        
When I live my life for thee.                

Dear Jesus, enter my heart,
What's sinful help make depart.
Skeletons rule the attic,
rooks have left the board
emptiness I can’t explain,
darkness untoward

Lapses in my memory,
lyrics left unsung
chasing all those things I’m not,
orphan on the run

Monday turns to Thursday,
Tuesday, Wednesday lost
time on fire, burning fast,
sanity the cost

One last chance for freedom,
pathway to the cliff
to jump into my deepest fear
—or sink in this abyss

(The New Room: February, 2022)
Soon the smell the of sweet jasmine will be in the air
Bringing memories near
once again
Nights heavy with scent
Drinking a cup of tea
And I still miss you.

Shell ✨🐚
Spring memories
  Mar 2022 Mary Anne Norton
infinite tears fall
swollen eyes stream broken dreams
lions lap their pools
raised for eggs and meat            
quieter than most duck breeds
black, Cayuga ducks
When we spend our time with God,
That's what God wants us to do.
When we obey his commands,
Close to him, we'll be drawn to.

God wants us to visit him,
Ad give him adoration,  
He wants to give us great joy,
He wants for us elation.

The Lord can soften the soil,
That's found in a hardened heart,
When in the heart we let God in,
We will find the healing start.
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