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Freshly made footprints
On snow covered ground
The heavier the boot
The deeper the print
Some prints with
Slanted lines
And chiseled holes
Others with
Tic tac toe
Some footmarks
Plopped  deep into
The snow
Tracks from birds
Paw prints
Small prints
Of tiny animals
Scurrying by
An Angel print
Not far away
Reminding me
I'm not far
From home
Mini cotton *****
Quickly falling from the sky
Covering the ground
i crack open
like some kind of piƱata,
crumbling on the floor
leaking hurt,
the desire for her to be
someone she cannot.

dressing myself in streamers
yet naked to the core

a sickly sweet ache
drips down my esophagus
coating my throat until there is no room
for forgiveness;
of her,
but also myself.

the saddest shade of irony:
demolished by the same hands
that once promised healing

this pity party is over.
I look out the
Window of my soul
There i see you
Freezing in the.cold
Tattered blankets nearby
While others join
Line for food
Some women grabbing
Another ice pack
For the bruises to
Go Away
For some the food
From.yesterday's trash a good dinner
Empty pockets
Another day without
A dollar
A baby lying
By the trash
And a bony dog
Sniffing their remains
Sniffing their remains
Perhaps I should
Open the door
Of my heart
And go outside
And do something
When the Son comes out
Bitter cold will go away
And a rose will bloom
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