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6.2k · Aug 2020
Self love
Diksha Dhiman Aug 2020
Dancing to her own rhythms
Coloring her own rainbow
Wandering in her own skies
intoning her own melodies
Rhyming her own poetry
Telling a love story of her with her soul
Making all her heavenly bodies the brightest stars
She is  teaching  the world the worth of self love and inner peace.
               -diksha dhiman
1.8k · Jan 2021
Saw you..
Diksha Dhiman Jan 2021
I was dancing with the moonbeams
and stars were chanting all along
When I First Saw you....
                                     -diksha dhiman
1.1k · Dec 2020
Keep them close
Diksha Dhiman Dec 2020
She sings a different song  
Write poetry with a rose
Only Who understand
keep them close.
904 · Oct 2020
Diksha Dhiman Oct 2020
All my feelings started to make sense when I poured down them on a paper inked with my heart.
712 · Mar 2021
Diksha Dhiman Mar 2021
You tried.....that is what counts.
615 · May 2021
Diksha Dhiman May 2021
Their pace is fast but your pace is at peace.
592 · Jun 2021
Diksha Dhiman Jun 2021
You want to fix everything...but do you know what's broken?
533 · Sep 2020
Love at first sight
Diksha Dhiman Sep 2020
remember the day we met as if it were yesterday
My eyes stopped on you and my heart started pounding
and I fell in love at first sight
Before meeting you
I didn't think that it was possible to love someone in a pure, sincere,deep way
and now you are the first person I want to tell good news to
the person on whom I can count on when something bad happens
Being separated from you is more difficult than I had imagined
I see things that remind me of your absence
and they give me only one desire
To be near you.
                                        -diksha dhiman
473 · Apr 2021
Diksha Dhiman Apr 2021
Girl with rainbows in her eyes and stories in her smile.
437 · Jan 2021
Diksha Dhiman Jan 2021
Only communication is the real healer...
428 · Feb 2021
Diksha Dhiman Feb 2021
Flowers in my heart bloomed for you....
417 · Sep 2020
Diksha Dhiman Sep 2020
Your mind is at war with your heart
Cause instead of finding peace you are finding love.
407 · Sep 2020
She's gone through more
Diksha Dhiman Sep 2020
Her soul is innocent
Her heart is pure
She's gone through more
Than most could endure.

Beauty of her eyes
Shines like the sunrise
Her smile open up the cloudy skies
Her laughter delights butterflies.
393 · Jan 2021
Diksha Dhiman Jan 2021
Every moment far away from you
Is cherishing how much my heart is close to you.
                               -diksha dhiman
359 · Mar 2021
Diksha Dhiman Mar 2021
Life will become simple if you begin to enjoy sadness too.
                              -diksha dhiman
312 · Mar 2021
Diksha Dhiman Mar 2021
I am at peace because I know universe is taking care.
300 · Aug 2020
Diksha Dhiman Aug 2020
You will not make sense to them and that's ok.
299 · Mar 2021
Diksha Dhiman Mar 2021
Let my moon keep my worries
Let my stars move with flurries.
289 · Feb 2021
Diksha Dhiman Feb 2021
It’s just that your mind is yet to be trained to see positive things happening.
283 · Aug 2020
Her eyes
Diksha Dhiman Aug 2020
Her eyes...ocean of stars
Want to see love till the last sunset.
227 · Apr 2021
Diksha Dhiman Apr 2021
You are not helping in changing are changing yourself by seeing through your different perspectives.
                                         -diksha dhiman
224 · Jan 2021
Doubts in my heart
Diksha Dhiman Jan 2021
There is beauty in my reflection
          I am
carrying mountains on my back
Universes on my head
Solace in my eyes
Harmony on my lips
But there are doubts in my heart
And again I am stuck in haze....
                          -diksha dhiman
207 · Aug 2020
On gloomy rainy day
Diksha Dhiman Aug 2020
On a gloomy, rainy day                              sipping coffee
All alone
Begin to wander the house of memories
I can feel you
Even today These recaptures feel alluring
All the memories are talking to me
They are telling me you and me was a lie
But I am not repining anything, not even a little bit
Cause for me, you are still The best thing happened to me and I don't want to replace that
I can't.
               -diksha dhiman
192 · Aug 2020
Diksha Dhiman Aug 2020
Solitude, your best aide Through thick and thin
Through every shade
Sometimes you are not kind
Sometimes you start the blame game
You just got blind
Now make some confessions
Let me do it for you
It's your best place to hide
It's the hand you hold when
Darkness grabs you
Its shoulder is the place where you cry
It is making you a seeker of magic
It is making you believe in yourself
It is giving you the strength for seeing dreams which you give up every second day
Then why fiercely are you killing it?
Why are you finding someone else to take its place
Can't you see it's there, with you for you....always.
178 · Dec 2020
Just slow down
Diksha Dhiman Dec 2020
For a moment slow down, breathe and appreciate the good things in your life.
                                    -diksha dhiman
172 · Sep 2020
Old write up
Diksha Dhiman Sep 2020
What she says the most?
                      "I wish I were a boy"
166 · Jan 2021
Diksha Dhiman Jan 2021
Sometimes don't give someone talks about struggles of life, that how much their life is messy now and they have to clean it. Sometimes just be a place where they can hide and be safe until they gain strength and conquer all the chaos.
                                 -diksha dhiman
153 · Oct 2020
in the last sonnet
Diksha Dhiman Oct 2020
and in the last sonnet
You will blame love because of your lover.
152 · Aug 2020
My good times
Diksha Dhiman Aug 2020
If you will not be there in my good times
I don't want those good times.
136 · Oct 2020
Let me smile
Diksha Dhiman Oct 2020
I smile daily because you smile in my poems🥀.
129 · Dec 2020
Diksha Dhiman Dec 2020
Knowing who you are is step one to anything and everything else.
126 · Nov 2020
Just say it.
Diksha Dhiman Nov 2020
You don't always have to show your love. Sometimes just say it. They not only need this...they deserve this.
123 · Dec 2020
Diksha Dhiman Dec 2020
There are so many voices in our heads, we need to know which one to listen to. Stop the negative self talk, self-doubt, all the things which force you to think less of yourself. You have the power to be great.
                                            -diksha dhiman
122 · Mar 2021
Diksha Dhiman Mar 2021
No matter what,we all are going to mess up.
118 · Aug 2020
Diksha Dhiman Aug 2020
Even within all the gloom
Tangled weeds make you not to bloom
Remember to choose love
over and over again
In your heart
Let only faith make a room.
118 · Nov 2020
Diksha Dhiman Nov 2020
You have boundaries which enables you and other people to not step over the line. It’s more for you to manage your boundaries than it is for other people. You can’t control people but you can manage your own behaviour, making sure you respect your boundaries or other people won’t.
117 · Nov 2020
Diksha Dhiman Nov 2020
Let someone find peace in your chaos🥀.
116 · Aug 2020
Reading me is like
Diksha Dhiman Aug 2020
reading incomplete chapters, complex or simple mysteries never revealed.
110 · Aug 2020
Diksha Dhiman Aug 2020
Write it on your heart that everyday is a good day.wake up with a purpose and make the best of each day.God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes. All you have to do is believe.
109 · Jan 2021
Diksha Dhiman Jan 2021
It is still hurting because you didn't deserve it.
                                        -diksha dhiman
107 · Aug 2020
My 3424 poem
Diksha Dhiman Aug 2020
Live a lie
Elites are directing us
To rehearse
Phony smiles phony tears.
106 · Dec 2020
Diksha Dhiman Dec 2020
you need to know who you are beyond how other people see you.
100 · Sep 2020
Real things
Diksha Dhiman Sep 2020
When we talk about things we make them real
Let's not talk about what is between us
Cause real things end.
                                 -diksha dhiman
98 · Mar 2021
Diksha Dhiman Mar 2021
Why just for a moment?
Why not for a lifetime?
                         -diksha dhiman
97 · Aug 2020
Diksha Dhiman Aug 2020
Mind is empty
Yet so caring.
Heart is empty
Yet so tender.
Soul is empty
Yet so occupied.
Pouring from an empty cup
It's been a long time.
No one ever told me to stop
I want to stop now.
It is becoming more and more chaotic
Let me give it a rest now.
92 · Oct 2020
It's just that
Diksha Dhiman Oct 2020
It's just that she didn't deserve your "may be"🥀
                -diksha dhiman
91 · Oct 2020
No pain No strife
Diksha Dhiman Oct 2020
Fearful of dark
She created her light
Chasing the demons of night
Telling stories of love she herself brought in her life
A moment by her side:no pain,no strife.
89 · Aug 2020
Diksha Dhiman Aug 2020
We all are ruining our peace of mind and blaming others for it.
88 · Sep 2020
I have found the love
Diksha Dhiman Sep 2020
I have found the love each time sunrises in your eyes
I have found the love in that rainbow you beautifully arched upon every page in my heart
I have found the love in each fiber in my bones strummed by your touch
I have found the love under the naked sky when you rip off my fears
I have found the love in your arms and I feel stronger in your embrace
I have found the love in your lips which kiss my tears and bring back my happiness
and I want you to know that I have found the right one.
88 · Sep 2020
Diksha Dhiman Sep 2020
you are worthy, you are capable of achieving your wildest of dreams, you are beautiful and you have a purpose and you deserve to love yourself completely.
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