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K 10h
drunk on thoughts and
you take a few turns,
whispering names
until you reached her
your home
I always wanted to be your destination but I knew your want her even in your midnights
  23h K
They’d waited too long to say

“I love you”.

3 words. 3 syllables.

Yet they held millions of emotions unspoken.

and now that they’d done it, they wouldn’t,
couldn’t, stop

they told each other all the time. In the end of the argument and before the good news.

In the middle of the storm, even though it was hard to see, and after, when the raging winds had settled on a breeze

before the rising sun turned the sky pretty colors and after it flickered out and faded away into the dark

Underneath the stars that their love had been etched into

There was no love until death for them. Because it would never stop. Their love was beyond. It rose above any border that would dare to try and stop it. There was no finish line

because they were each other’s end game.  
K 2d
I've seen different shades of skies in your eyes
tasted every sweets in your lips but
I never thought I'll hear
the words that will
make me deaf
K 4d
your name still lingers
in my memories but
I only remember you
as someone who
let the ink spilled
and tear the papers
I've always treasure
  5d K
Sy Lilang

Ikaw --
Ang tula sa'king gabi,
Ang tulang 'di isantatabi.
  Jan 7 K
Vaibhavi Joshi
When you wake up with
a great smile on your face.
When you appreciate all the
little things of your life.
When you live freely
without having fear of others.
That's what happen when you move on.
  Jan 7 K
looking at your dreams
it's inspiring
heart lifting
you're too good for me
it's intimidating
heart breaking
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