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kim Jul 2022
I think of you every time I look at the sea. We were like that before; I was too deep, dark, and terrifying, yet you find wonders in me that people never notice. You need oxygen. I killed you.
kim Apr 2022
I am a dead poet. Words barely came into my mind; they were too shallow. But for you, I could compose a masterpiece with your name in it.
kim Apr 2022
I bled on the wrong person
and cut him a little too much
But losing him was bearable
it was better than staying
kim Mar 2022
Hindi ikaw ang dulo, simula at gitna
ikaw ang nag-iisang pahina,
sa pagbuklat ay pangalan mo ang makikita
hindi pa man ubos ang tinta
mga kamay ay pagod na
maaari ba kitang makasama, aking pahinga?
kim Dec 2021
and if I let myself fall for the second time around, then I want the photographs in silhouettes, the holding hands while walking, the sudden I love you's and calls until 3 am and everything we did at the first time—
Because I know that the second time would be an indelible memory.
kim Nov 2021
and when the heavens decided to finally call me, I’ll answer the phone with so much happiness and tell them how long I’ve waited for them
kim Oct 2021
it was a hell of a ride
we've been thru ups and downs
and needed some break
but I think we lost it
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