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 Mar 2018 Dian Eka
Mark Tilford
the love making slows
the relationship no longer grows
for no reason you feel low
the little things start to show
barely saying hello
communicating in morse code
to often they are a no show
stuck on the metro
there is no afterglow
time is borrowed
you constantly explode
not taking the high road
loosing what was bestowed
you just know
there are whispers
everyone is talking about what they saw
leaving the details raw
you withdraw
see nothing but the flaws
your no longer in awe
you just know
it is time to
 Mar 2018 Dian Eka
Lior Gavra
I write what I see,
Because I am blind.
I write what I hear,
But I am deaf.
I write what I feel,
But paralyzed.
I write what I smell,
In my burnt nose.
I write what I taste,
The only sense left,
And thank the day,
Because it can be worse.
 May 2014 Dian Eka
Ben Walker
My watch whispers faithfully the turning of the universe
The trees breathe in static silence outside my window
The wind caressing their bodies, like a cold serpent
Their red leaves falling like tears

Humanity sleeps, waiting for the morning
Waiting for the fresh, the new, the different
Waiting for their prospects of rebirth to be realised
Waiting for the sun to bleed colours of crimson and coral over the silent sky

But nothing ever changes

The cycle repeats itself
Agony is poured down Earth’s open wound
Like acid
Melting away at what we once cherished

When will it end?
When the last creature cries for their fallen mother?
When the last tree falls from the vicious storm?
When the last scream echoes through the barren wasteland that we created?

The sun anxiously peers over the horizon
Humanity exploits the new day


The rhythm of the universe beats like the breath of trees
The evanescence of life pulses like the veins of the universe
Gone in a moment

But not forever
 Apr 2014 Dian Eka
Dian Eka
Sam, not Your name
I read Your past,no one to blame,
Sam,please do not be ashamed,
It's fine,You're still my man

Sam,my man,was someone's man
I tried to be a stranger with strenght here in my chest,
Jealously like a rushing train provoking my brain,
But Sam,***,
Were was,,past

Sam,I read two thousand and nine on a blog,
and met You in Your creating spot,
I saw girls
I felt You from years
Were in love
Were lonely
Were thinking
Were random
Were messy
Were missing someone
Where we haven't met yet
Where was I?

Sam,how was your love life?
In a club with music made You alive
Wine one sip or two,did U like?
Fake love for a nite
While u were thinking of previous lovers

Sam,how did U feel?
When U were tired n ill
U just wanted to have fun alone
While U were thinking of home?

Sam,I'm jealous
Once U wrote to someone but now I'm writting You
I still have no clue
O Sam,,,
I'm helpless

But sam,thanks for letting me in
Part of U to be seen
Pick me up at ten,

(DEAB April 9 2011)
 Apr 2014 Dian Eka
Dian Eka
I dreamed I was walking around the graveyard
it was cold and sad
I smelt jasmine
i saw shadows
I saw You

The pale pin marbles
Your name is imprinted with golden lines on a black stone
the born and the death were united
I counted how young were You

oh death,,,
Are You happy now?
took beloved soul while another soul was dying
ended a life while another life was suffering

I smelt jasmine
I smelt You
I felt windy atmosphere
I know You're coming

DEAB 060811
Who would have ever guessed
our paths would cross again
that a stranger from my past
would turn out to be my friend

That from just one thing in common
we would share so many more
Makes you wonder why us strangers
had never met before

Five years spent together
yet not one moment to recall
you'd think our paths would cross but once
in classroom, library or hall

Perhaps there is a reason
that over twenty years passed
before we got to know each other
and became friends at last.

Don't go yet,baby....
One more cigarette to my story...
I love the way you move your hips so *****.
In my bed you'll end up tonight absolutely

My coffee has gone cold
Still this story you're told
As the night grows cold
I am a lover so bold

Smokes and sweats you're my lady
I'm standing here so steady.
Just move your body closer and i am ready.
Touches and kisses i am on fire already.
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