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Dian Eka Nov 2010
Love contains lust
Lust contains no love

If one of those lines is wrong,
no one gets hurt then
Dian Eka Oct 2010
Love is Poison
Brings such emotions

My dear, it's like drinking stronger spirits in pray
But We do know We are poisoned by

Are We fool creatures for let it in?
Are We thirsty enough to **** it in?

Roots of heart welcome it
Is it heart's pleasure?

My dear, it is growing to branches
Unseen liquid
Rushing to blood spiralling in veins
Pomping heart too often,,,
Pushing it harder,,,
Getting tired,,,,,,,
Dying,,,,,,,,,,and then

What hymne or ode for Us?
What We have when our hearts die?

No requiems but another poison.
Dian Eka Sep 2010
Do not meet me when it's autumn,
The falling leaves are sad

Do not meet me when it's spring,
Rose buds would bloom

Do not meet me when it's summer,
Our icy ****** heart would melt

Meet me when it's winter,
Russian winter,
We don't have to feel at all.

— The End —