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Apr 2019
fluttering heartstrings
being tugged upon by
someone I promised
myself I would not let
in but here we are, and
when you look over at
me and I catch your
eyes on mine my doubt
seems to disappear for
just a half of a second
as I consider that maybe
I'm not as bad as I make
myself out to be inside
my brain, maybe I'm
just what you want and
need and feel deep in
your soul when you
think about me, the way
I think about you, and
that doubt returns quick
and all but it's no worry
because for just a second
you made me happy and
that's more than any drug
or pill could give me
because you're you and so
unreasonably handsome
and witty and I can't get
past the fact that you even
bother to make eye contact
with me, and even though I
normally hate eye contact
when I look in your eyes
my insides simultaneously
burn and relax and scream as
I think of everything hiding
behind those eyes and I can't
quite get it but I swear to you
I'd do anything to figure it out.
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Written by
josie  F
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