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josie Jan 2019
all I think about is you
your dark hair, and your dark eyes
and how you're too good to be true
and the way you laugh and sound surprised

I want to bury myself in you
and never escape the feeling
of seeing the incomparable view
that is you, that leaves me reeling

and you'll probably never even know
that this is how much I care
but maybe someday you'll realize
that I was always there
this is my millionth crush poem so I should stop that soon
josie Jan 2019
it's absolutely unreasonable
how hard my heart pounds
when I see your name
or someone who looks like you
or you talk to me
or I see you from a distance
but what's even worse
is when you smile at me
and for one sacred moment
time stops.
josie Jan 2019
You were made for me, I think.
Maybe some kind angel from up above saw me struggling and decided that, you know what? Let's give this poor human a break. Let's send her something good.
And they did
and now you're here
and I couldn't be happier.
if you knew that this was how I felt, maybe I could be.
But for now, this works.
All I know is I'm pretty sure you were made for me.
josie Jan 2019
anonymity is freeing
and it lets me know
I can write this
and you'll never know
it's about you
you'll probably never even
know it exists
so here goes nothing

oh my god do I like you.

your eyes are so dark
and they have meaning
i've never seen such emotion
in eyes before yours

you're shorter than me
but it's endearing
tan skin and strong muscles
build the body that holds
your beautiful soul

exactly my humor
smarter than me
though you always tell me
i'm the smart one

and the same interests
everything I like
you like too.

and so this one is for you,
you know who,
even though you don't know
that I made this for you.
that's okay though.
letting myself think these things
is enough satisfaction.
maybe one day
i'll even read you this
if i'm so lucky.
until then...
here's a poem you'll never read
oh my god i have such a big crush
josie Dec 2018
doesn't it haunt them at night
that they're doing nothing?

shootings every other day
innocent children just want to learn
instead, they're shot
and all they do
is send thoughts and prayers?

people are dying
and they say 'what a shame'
instead of taking action
because it's against their values

seems like maybe
they should take a deeper look

don't they want this to end too?
josie Dec 2018
something in my soul tells me
that I was made for the night
not like some supervillain
no, like this is my time
to just be

the night pulls me
to a life that's not mine
but one I'd love to live

I'm made for it,
I think
or something in my bones
tells me that I am

I can't quite describe
what exactly it is,
but I think it goes
something like this

neon lights in a dark room
genuine laughter
a big city swallowing me whole
reminding me how tiny I am
but in a good way
you're not insignificant
you're part of this huge world

no panic and fear
no constant ache in your chest
that tells you
the monster is just behind you

just living
wouldn't that be something?
josie Dec 2018
wayward words
and forgotten thoughts
stuck somewhere you once knew
but have long since lost
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