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Dec 2019
nothing fills me with a feeling of power
a rush of strength
this feeling of being the clark kent of words
quite like the thoughts being poured out
white space being filled with black characters
the sound of my keyboard clicking as my fingers fly

I can create something beautiful amidst chaos
I can't change the world
but I can weave you a story
or make you feel something
something real or something fake
I manipulate those little curves and lines into
someone's life or my life or an object's life
or facts or lyrics or a story or an emotion

maybe I can't fly
maybe I don't have telekinesis or telepathy
but maybe I can control minds
but maybe I can create a world
maybe I can create a life or a story or anything I want
with 26 little strokes on a page
mixed and mingled with each other
sounds and colors and emotions
in black on white
Written by
josie  F
     Bogdan Dragos and ---
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