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Dereaux Aug 11
Ooh my true faith,
where have you gone
in shadows you left me
when it all went wrong

A weird phenomenon
for me unknown
with all these demons
I stumble upon

As inquisitor of dreams
I must embrace my role
and defeat all evil
just to save your soul
Dereaux Aug 11
You can call a rose,
a sweet beautiful flower.
But it's still a rose.
Dereaux Aug 11
tears fall
you caused pain
heart broken in two
Dereaux Aug 4
Looking for your love
I am hiding under
shades of blue

With a scarred heart
that keeps on beating
and memorizing you

My true thoughts
are hidden behind
a cloaked smile

To give myself
a bit of peace
I must live in denial
Dereaux Aug 4
In the peaceful magical world
where I would be living

No one would dream of a better world
as the one we've been given.
Dereaux Jul 22
An erratic cold sigh
swoons through the valley
last winter hollow kiss
portends a grim frenzy

Clogged icy pine needles
under snowy blanket
lying on the forest path
love with spring has chilled

Waiting to melt
after a dewy dawn
winter reigns once again
before letting the sun in
When winter needs to leave. :)
Dereaux Apr 7
She was looking
wherever true love
for her might be.

To tell you the truth
I was actually hoping
she was looking for me

She did not have
to search further
surely not that far.

Sadly she just
walked by me,
leaving my heart
with a scar
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