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  May 2017 josin137
Lady Misfortune
I don't think of you as an ex nor a friend
I don't think of you as a lover or a foe
I don't think of you as stranger but you're certainly not nothing
You are just
Someone that once meant everything
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  May 2017 josin137
the worst feeling
is when you want to cry
but can't
and you are left feeling
and broken
josin137 May 2017
The stars hear with hysterical pry,
And the moon speaks of light and its cry,
But the sky shout of the horse and its hay,
Then let the sun speak, the precious golden ray.
It's eternal it seems.
josin137 Dec 2016
Waves of the ever sky,
Time sailing like winter light,
Tears have come to rob.
josin137 Oct 2016
The stars
       Of the sky,
Like the powers of the EYE.

The moon
       Of the sky,
Like the HEART and its cry.

And of the
Is the sheet of ETERNITY sigh.
  Sep 2016 josin137
I'm still thinking bout
you at 2 am but you
fell asleep at 10.
  Sep 2016 josin137
And you thought loving meant leaving.
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