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Hell no, you don't want to be compared to one of those models idolized in magazines.
True beauty lies outside the fashion industry’s visual constructions.
Fall in love with what you never expected to love, imperfection.
Brand-less self expression.
There are no cameras or flashing lights there
or visual effects.
We come in different range of sizes.
Shame on shallow marketing.
A pretty face can have nasty vices.
Hearts of Gold, now those aren't sold.
- C.Ek
Sticking my head out the window I feel the racing wind pass through my hair like wild horses.
I feel infinite and unstoppable
For the first time in a million years I can smile and truly mean it.
I am not forcing adventures but I'm letting them flow. A natural high.
I'm here, present like the Earth is present within the larger universe, I know I matter.
And as my brothers laugh with me, I never realized how good it felt to laugh.
I've been missing out on my happiness.
I haven't been loving myself but now I embrace myself with open arms and with an aura around me that is contagious.
A Red Ruby, if placed upon the chest, can melt through your rib cage and engulf your entire body with flames.
It's delicate appearance of a heart was purposely constructed that way, in order to desire with a fierce blaze.
Red Rubies were made to crystallize your eyes and make every single sensual thought behind them harden until they crack and find its way into your blood stream and into your love making.
Red Rubies are a euphoric gemstone stimulating your need to love and give into the desirable.
Right your wrongs.
Clear your conscious of guilt, if you want to have precise focus.
Convert anger into motivation, don't let it be what holds you down.

You want to be a warrior of light ?

Then hold your torch high above the rest.

Invest in your dreams,
Invest in your drive,
Invest in yourself.
No, not forever,
"Why not?"
I'm a player right? I've made way too many forever promises and look at me now.

'Mum and Dad promised me forever, My bestfriend promised me forever, my first Love promised me forever but they stepped on the words as if they don't exists, They ****** with my heart and literally laughed in my face.I'm too disturbed for forever or commitment, I'm just playing the game, No Love no nothing just some sweet talk, Psychological games and I *******' He thought to himself.

'Eh I don't know pretty lady you seem different'. He smiles.

'I'm lying to you, I'm just bored of using the same ol lines' he thinks to himself.

"So we'll last" She said with so much hope in her eyes.
'Yea you changed me, I want to be with you only'. He smiles.

Another lie bites the dust.
He said he needed a gateway from reality. I said he's messing with girls hearts, he shrugged and I left, but he's still my bestfriend and I hope this is a phase for him.
Life is creation, if you look close enough you can even find it in cemeteries.
We will survive a Blackened world because we want it more. The moment will come when Metallica will raise hell and the last dying flower is crushed by an iron boot. These heavy guitar riffs shooting out lead will prevail. Awakening the masses and making them step off the conveyor belt. Another Brick In The Wall broken by the people just like when the berlin wall fell.
Freedom is right around the corner.
I am not your Stepping Stone, your seat to enjoy the show. May the Gods of Rock blow your mind with electric mania, liberating their children in the pit. They beg for this music we call metal, ******* and punk to continue.
Rage Against the Machine - "******* i wont do what you tell me!"
The most comfortable silence
Is the silence shared with someone          

Someone who your heart beats for,  
Someone who only has eyes for you.

When you're with that person  
And things are quiet

Words aren't needed
But when you desire words
They can be spoken,
Heard and understood.

Silence can mean many things,
It doesn't always mean you're alone.

The silence represents a connection,
A deep connection with someone

That can't be recreated.
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