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Feb 2016 · 252
There are situations that are like scabs. We want to scratch it but we are holding back because we don't want any scars. Look at it in a positive matter. Why? is the common question. Reason for that is it's something that can be healed by you and can be a lesson for others. Why would it be a lesson for others? They learn and understand that they too can heal on their own.
Jul 2015 · 350
The Feeling
The heart skips a beat,
the world stops.
The birds chirps sound like a beautiful melody.
That shaky feeling you get from head to toes not because you're nervous; you're excited to see what comes next in your chapter of life. Going in willingly with out turning away and second guessing yourself. Whether or not this is a true feeling of what you have. Believe in that strong feeling.
Apr 2015 · 241
The Heart
Yes your heart maybe a broken diamond, shattered into a million pieces. Still sparkle through your heart. The heart is the reflection of yourself, not of others. You do not need someone who is going to keep breaking it more, where it turns into dust of sorrows.
Jan 2015 · 242
what's left
Tear my ears off. Pull my eyes out. Rip my mouth off. Leave my heart.

I don't need my ears to hear what your kind words meant. No need for my eyes to see what we had. No use of my mouth to say you were everything to me. My heart is the only thing that I can live what is left to live.
Oct 2014 · 457
There's a light in the tunnel but yet I see glimpse of darkness. Just like a solar eclipse, I see light shining around the moon. I prefer the darkness of the moon. Maybe that's why I see the darkness of the tunnel rather than the light.
Jul 2014 · 451
After scouring through the time with you I was up in the skies with happiness.
But then when I'm scouring through the night with myself I am sadden by the feeling I have.
May 2014 · 629
Women's curiosity kills them,
Women catch your tongue.
Men's curiosity kills them,
Men catch your tongue.
There is no difference between us,
so why act like there is.
Mar 2014 · 301
We all have confidence but when we all look at ourselves in the mirrors we lose all that confidence very quickly, because we are quick to judge ourselves. Now before you quickly go judging others, remember what you do to yourself.
Mar 2014 · 395
Sleepless Minds to Over Thinkers
Over Thinkers to Crazy Thoughts
Crazy Thoughts to Creative Minds

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