Pretty pretty blue green
my dandelion dream,
eyes like the sea,
sees complete into me.
On my knees, I kneel
in sand, snow or sleet
I bow at your feet.

Inside my heart
I feel your love so deep,
makes me weak
the way you speak
so soft and sweet.
Opens my soul,
fills me whole with hope
and into that hope
my mind does float,
hazy green, dreamy blue.

All my signs do lead to you
and inside your whole,
I feel my own.
Inside your eyes,
I see my light.
The way
you make me smile
warms my insides
and your hand in mine
makes my mind fly,
puts me in a trance,

my heart does dance,
the light inside
so bright and loud
when you hold me close,
I feel so proud,
lucky too
that you feel the way you do
because I love you true
my pretty pretty blue.

©J Cole

Maggie Grace

Goddess of fire,
I pray to you
for passion
and anger
for heat
and animosity
I pray for the world
to understand and walk through
life's obstacles;
to release the bad with open hands
and welcome the wind, the rain, and the thunder
of nature to bring
her most powerful storms
So that we may all see truthfully
what is and what can be

Goddess of light,
I pray to you
so the sun may shine upon her fragile skin
and I, the admirer
may watch this beautiful creature
blissfully dance through a field of lavender
I pray to you
for the strength to not survive,
but to live
so that I may grow
alongside the flowers
and love
beneath the moonlight
as I whisper my thoughts
to the stars
and I observe the planets
encompassing the eyes
of my dear one-
the color of honey
the painting of honesty

And lastly,

Goddess of my soul,
I pray to myself
so that I may be
a shimmering cave of crystals
a shelter and a museum
a home
for both of us
May I remain constant
and beautiful
like violet quartz
and rose gold
solid, but warm
open, but deep
welcome to the
ever-changing future
that lies ahead of me


In fine form or foul
I had loved him
and today across this street that swallowed
the quiet moments that followed
he stood in the greasy light of evening,
most likely borrowed.

His waiting agitation could be heard cursing
loudly from the knotting ropes that tied
his heart to his bowel
And through his blinkered view
he happened upon me,
stopping, still as a weathered statue
that bore a look of painful salute
and whispered of...bad timing.
Then snapping-to in the sudden
rush of his ropes release
I lost him,
crushed by the smile
destined only
for his approaching dealer.


I do not want to be too comfortable
what I feel inside is the calmness that comes with it
I refuse to let it absorbs me
this never commits
it scares me how my heart melts
I want to turn the tables
I want to run away but it caught me
my heart agrees when I do not agree
my heart fails me yet again

20170523 10:14am

we don't know what sadness
feels like anymore
our lives are as golden as your
blonde days, the summer
never ends
i feel through your locks
you lock your fingers into my
knotty head
as black as the nights when
we conversate
we know more about each other
it's only right that we remain together

for heaven's sake


defending to the death your structure of information
is like sending out a bat signal to get punched in the face

so that which is hidden will come to the surface
so in time there will be time
and there will be time
to forget
to remember
for all to perish
to be reborn
to be forgotten

there will be time
oh there will be time

to learn

from the dead
to the living
from how they died
to how we live

to be remembered
you first must be forgotten
and without destruction
there will be no progress

just vanilla
without the ice cream

unchallenged and stunted
quite fatally repetitive

There was little left,
On the fields.
The rain had come and gone and it was dry again.
Dusty hands and dusty faces frowned.
Dusty shoes kicked the powder ground,
Heads hung low in the slouching and shaded doorway.

Squinting eyes looked up at the yellow bowl,
Hands covered creased foreheads,
Mouths chewed tobacco in the thin shade of a dying tree.
There was little left to talk about and little less to see.

Children lost marbles in the heavy dust,
And mothers take deep breaths.
The sky turns the colour of dirt and rust.
Another day gone and there is little left to love.

george v

I was strewn
scattered wide
brooding foreheads of jagged stone
thirsty fragments
unfit for purpose
rugged - broken - lying alone

She - pure water
seeping in sand
dark and deep - unrequited and stilled
Her eternal spring
but a fearful trickle
Her destiny hidden - unfulfilled          

Open earth!
a forested crevice
Shake - Tremble - Set her free
Release her flood
of secret desires
splashing joyfully over me        

I will be
her playful bed
smoothing my edges - providence smiled
I will make her ripple
rushing with laughter
kissing her droplets - wet and wild

Cascading to  
her lyrical rill
we'll sing forever - in our sacred stream
She is my lover
caressingly she runs
once worthless rubble -  She did redeem!

gv   For my lovely wife. Feb.19.2014

An arrow points to the
hole in my chest
where my heart
once lived.

Where have I gone?
Cold and darkness
embraces my mind.

The mirror
shows me as
hollow and dead
like I'm a corpse.

I'm totally disconnected
and disjointed in this
reality, this plane
of existence.

Where has the me
that I once was
gone to?
Where am I?

I feel nothing
tasting only the
loneliness and dust
on my lips.

I've become paralyzed
in the waters of despair.

Sludge black driveways
holding hazardous mindsets.

Back of his head is made of
white canvas; red strap; yum-yum.

You can see body in the window.
Cut like a Valley Girl diamond.

Brown pubic hair, faint.
Narrow shoulders, pointed.

Brows arch like arrowhead;  
floating above callous constellations.

Snarls of smoke from his cig;
dragging filter like a conscience.

He studies her while she studies
how life looks around her neck.

Closer to midnight, says Darling.
Gotta let her live in a dream-mo.

Inside the piggy bank, gold looks
like memories 'round her nape.

Peeking into the mirror's reflect,
mouthing her name, twirling hips.

What a time to be a star; stable
inside the crown of debris.

Completely secure in nakedness,
a streak of light swims closer.

Black bear fur, harboring glittery
fleas; her eyes look out and up.

It is as close as anyone ever tried.
Non-stop destruction, seductive.

Darling says, look at her look.
He takes a picture with his phone.

Nude beauty, masturbating to
the assertiveness of annihilation.

Looking at the picture, he curses
himself for not upgrading.

A fire overflows, as she has
one hand on her stomach and
another on her purse.

I laid her in the long grass of a toasted summer field
among the unpretentious wild blooms
I whispered words of Love to her that I so carefully had rhymed
My poetic hands dancing to the metre and the time
And I could feel her heart beat in my fingers through her blouse
And I could smell the body spray she wore
And I could taste her kisses as I let her know my wishes
with those deftly moving fingertips of mine.
I combed her hair back from her face her eyes were full of sky
Bluer than the flowers where we lay
I wove her dreams of castles and kings and all the little pretty things
a girl like her could possibly desire.
We spent the whole day in that moment where every wish comes true
and everything I said, I knew was real.
I petitioned her to be my Queen and everything that was between
as I lost myself inside her lovely eyes.
And for that day we lived forever, everywhere and when
And still I hear her softly saying from that spot where we were laying
Shut your eyes my king ....and kiss me once again



Fire cannot kill a dragon
And hope can't fill an empty wagon

The night is dark and full of terror
Talons tear and punish error

Giants bend their knees
And the wind hides in the trees

While dragons cut the sky
In search of innocents to fry.

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