you told me I could open up
said that I could tell you anything
so I told you all my silly little fears
told you bout the things that really scare
told you the songs I sing when im alone
she said, "don't need to worry bout that nomore."
cause if you're alone
then we're alone
now sing to me cause we belong
my sadness will keep your lonely heart
and when you want it all
its here for you
just give me some small piece of you
and when you have more to give
I'll keep it alive, ill nourish it
I promise this
I promise this
ill keep you warm
ill keep you safe
ill hold onto every special
piece of you.

© Shang

The fragrance of love lingers in the air
like the scent of white jasmine
like the fragrance of rain soaked earth
whisked by a summer wind.

It stays day and night in the mind
like incense,
in thoughts,  it spreads
forever the scent of roses
forever a scent in red

It fills the senses like heady ittar
though but a dab on the skin
in what is felt and touched -
makes the senses spin

It lingers forever in the heart
a fragrant melody, one so true
forever it sings and plays
a song of love
and you


Like do you ever just look at me & say well I'm damn lucky to have you ? Probably not I'm too weird , anyway well I do that with you all the time. I just lay thinking about you every night. I could talk to you all day. We wouldn't even have to say anything to each other really. I crave your touch to the point that my body tenses up for a few seconds. I crave you in general. I don't know what I'd be like without you or where I'd be. You make me so angry when you don't reply after 10 seconds.  You make me feel all I need in my life is you (which isn't really true for anyone in reality) but however you're a big part of me, who I am , & who I wanna become. You mold me. You've shaped me into a person who has things to be proud of. You bring so much happiness into my life I quite often ask myself what did I do to deserve it. I'll never get tired of you. Your flaws are what make you perfect. Everything you do is so unflawed to me. I respect you & your hustle.  I'll be there for you through rags & riches. They're always like "be somebody's Sunday not Saturday Night". You my angel, are my 7 days a week , 24 hours a day 365 days a year. You're just always there. You love me & all my broken pieces even if at times they cut you , you love that scar it gives you too.   Loving you will never get old. But even if it does I'll  find a way to start loving you all over again .... ♡.


I don't know what
the limits are
what impacts fragment
beyond repair, outside the web
of what there are words for,
murderous facts that leave mute
witnesses’ souls brittle
inside their chests,
as the thousandth child starves
somewhere in our inhumane
universe another star grows dark.


Your favorite  c o l o r  was blue
Just like the  s h a p e  of your sins
Like the drop of  o c e a n  in your eyes
The color of your  p a i n t  on my skin
But you  l e f t  me like the others
Now I only  f e e l  blue within

Blue was my favorite too, even if I only loved it for you... Now I'm left in a world of grey, the only color left is the feelings I once knew... this feeling I hate, this feeling of you, these feelings I hate, these feelings of blue.

My shelf holds worlds;
  bending under multi-colored,
peeling teeth; paper raked by pupils.
  Cream clenches then spreads,
like a jogger's lung, and I say,
  This is why I normally take it black.
Something Steven Spielberg presented
  is strapped to my wall, reminding me of
  my childhood that has left my memory
faster than I hoped it would.
  There's a decaf tin holding mini-presidential tombstones.
I keep a picture of a woman
  I don't even know because
she looks happy and I envy that.

This room is hermetically sealing
  3 AM insomnia and daydreams.


half of me
sleeps in you
in your different sheets
in the hues of blue
a part of me
still grieves over our lust
but at the same time
knows it has reduced to dust
a version of myself,
that won't shut up in my head,
is convinced that i'll only be happy
if i wind up in your bed
over and out, dwelling and demure
how can you love someone if you can never be sure?
a stained glass cry for help
and a tongue that eases every knot in my soul
the same shards of me embedded in you
are the ones that convince me that i am whole

I just want to pack my bags
And vanish
Leave without a trace

Spend the rest of my life
In solitude
I'm no longer
A burden to you...
Maybe this way I'll find me,
The real me,
The one that lives outside of
These useless broken words
The one that breathes outside of
This loop of a mess that's become
My nightmare and my life all at once
Maybe this way I can finally
Throw away my masks
Maybe this way I can finally
Taste freedom
Maybe this way
I might even discover
The meaning of
True happiness

And maybe this time
I won't run away from it

"She loved mysteries so much that she became one..." Maybe she became one to finally unlock the mysteries of the world...
Front Page (9/13/17)
(Just some scribbles on a lined paper someone will find years from now in the trash...)

The cluster of ice in my glass
  looks like a milky fist.
I shake my cup and ask
  about the weather.
He says, 'Hasn't rained in
  one thousand or so years.'
I say how that's unfortunate;
  he says how shit happens.

This party transitions into
  something out of an art-house film;
the Cali-tens are dancing to some
  80's song you would vaguely recognize.
They bump into one another
  like bees in an electric hive.
A Russian drinking a Russian
  asks about drugs.
I say into my drink that I
  don't have that many friends.

Looking for a bathroom,
  I am bumped by hips and lips
into the former eggshell/cigarette stain wall,
where I find my partial reflection
  looking back at me in that familiar
transparent parent way.

I find myself apologizing.



I seek a place on your skin to hide desires

naked dreams shy from others to see

the folds around your neck in dire need

for lips to bury deep until they melt

and disappear becoming one-

A place between your breasts my lust

to keep away from prying eyes

when late at night it wakes and rise

on black smooth sheets to keep it yours

when yours become after a while

of hiding deep underneath your skin.

And thus a place between your thighs

to keep my secrets and my needs

secluded far from daily life

from all to feel the burning heat

your skin would shelter every night

and only you could safely ignite-

I seek a place on your skin to plant my seeds

of love and lust that hide between

the words I write,

and only you could safely touch

once tucked away beneath your skin-


“I loved you with texture. You loved with a softness. Texture brought detail, softness brought folds. Folds brought creases and creases had secrets.”
― Dominic Riccitello
Ahmad Cox

The rhythm of love
Is all over your face
It is a feeling that
Is hard to mistake
Our souls rise
Even soar as we
Fly tonight in our
Love as the rhythm
Takes the beat I know
The beat will last forever
As our dreams of love
Take flight as we fly
Even higher not wanting
To come down as our
Hearts lead the beat
We feel the rhythm of love
It is hard to replace
As we feel our love
And feel the beat
We know that the
Beat will last forever

Loosely based off of a song.

How can thoughts be real
They're not solid enough to touch
So how can someone manifest
A feeling such as love?
Can you
Hold it
Breathe it
Squeeze it in your hands
It's forcing us to trust
In the invisible
Once again

Because although you can't see it
  It can still disappear
Love is the sad song
That left you crying in your beer

Blind sided
It can hit you
And you best believe it's true
Love is as real
As the way I feel for you

Traveler Tim
Dedicated to:
Everyone in the known universe!

As echoes and whispers
Begin to change
And sound and silence
Become the same
I look back
From where I came
And find solice
In everything

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