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 May 15
Yes, here I am
In my 1955 model body
Sipping hot toddy
But on the inside nothing has changed
It’s all on the outside.

And there I go
Like the old man in a song
Shuffling along
Inside, nothing has changed
But, oh, the outside.

The years have passed
One on one
69 have gone
In the blink of an eye
But the changes you see, tell a lie.

SE      May 24
Does everyone of a certain age feel like this?
 Apr 15
Thomas W Case
If I could take this
moment and
own it,
hold it,
like a piece of paper,
I'd fold it
stow it away,
a pocket knife.

If you would be
my wife,
I'd be the
happiest guy in
the world.
You'd be my
and I'd be your man...
I would hold
your hand and kiss you,
and you'd never
miss me again.
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 Mar 28
Thomas W Case
I was thinking about your
breath before you brush your teeth,
I love it.
It reminds me of simple, beautiful things,
like, streams flowing gently over
moss-covered rocks, and puppies at
about three weeks old, right before
they open their eyes, the way they
wiggle around with their ears pasted
to their heads, blind to the world.
Soft plump bellies full of
Mother's milk.  But I think most
of all, it reminds me of home,
a home with love and laughter,
and books and plants.
Classical music and sunlight-bending
through half-open windows.
It warms hearts and hands and
hours and days, that slip
away far too soon.
It reminds me of feathers and flight,
and babies--clocks ticking, pages turning,
and life--hard, fast, short, beautiful life.
I wrote this about my girlfriend's breath first thing in the morning.
Check out my you tube channel where I read this poem, and others from my recent book, Seedy Town Blues Collected Poems, available on Amazon.
 Feb 5
Thomas W Case
Beneath these
satin sheets,
my memory
flutters like
little birds on
indigo nights.

Folded wings
rest in my
mind's eye.
Fingers itch with
Delta of Venus,
orchids in bloom,
wet with the
sticky dew.

I grip my
and begin
a slow
It feels so
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 Sep 2023
Poetic Eagle
You broke my heart
But with every breathe each piece seem to be patching it way back to you
The heart wants what it wants
 Sep 2023
Sarah Mulqueen
I've always had an image of what my idyllic life would be.
In my mind I'm failing myself if I'm not upholding that dream.

It became the most important thing for me, because then I'd be happy and content.

I didn't seek out hobbies for fulfilment and joy. Often leaving something I loved if I thought others were doing better than me.

I would stop seeing friends because this became my priority
All to have companionship, a family.
To sit around the table and share our day.

Being talked down to for years validating the fears you often already faced.
Being asked, "are you sure they're even your friend" or "why do you even like them".
When your anxiety gains a physical voice, and it's from a person you love you stop questioning the anxiety.

Years of often walking on eggshells, addressing things in a certain way to avoid any kind of conflict.
Then the table gets flipped and everything is pulled out from under you.
You have no one to turn to. Your people have been pushed away, the only ones that remain are also "their" people.

Your table looks incredibly small when there's no one to share it with.

Still afraid, unsure and raw. Your forced to find yourself. To better yourself for no one else but yourself.
It's empowering to be truly alone, and feel content with that.
To actually listen to your heart and find what makes it sing.
To not fill your life with clutter but those that truly matter.
I don't feel stronger, just more content and steady on my feet.
After a very messy breakup, after a 6 year relationship.
I finally realised I don't need someone else to validate me. I can do it for myself. It's been a hard slow journey, but I'm finally feeling like me again
Remember when…..
Barefoot running on a blacktop street
Lazy days
Summer heat
Swimming pools
summer vacation
There is no school
12 years old
To be again
One more time till the summer ends
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