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badtaste Sep 14
Ignorance and innocence were introduced with gleeful and *** intentions
Spring sprung with curious conversations
Summer was ever warmer with lovely everlasting memories
In fall they fell for one another
Slept through winter in each other’s arms
However when the red moon-gloomed of change
They parted paths and forgot each other’s names
Based on my breakup in a poets words...
  Sep 9 badtaste
you're not the only one trying to be the only one
even though i'm lonely, i've never got to be alone.
badtaste Aug 24
hello ***
you seemed to not have noticed
me dressed in your favorite clothes
slummed to the floor like a pile of wastefulness.
you seemed to loss your patience
when looking at a piece of plastic glass
with a half-guessed assumption
of me and her
loving life together.
is what I'll sing every-time to my new lover
when she won't be a nosy noisy
never ending story of the same heartbreak
broken on a loop of another thief who stole
and would take your "innocence".
don't forget this
this is what you wanted...
badtaste Aug 22
it's a hard rang to walk alone
under every underpass through seas of faces
tears of rain get your shoes wet
and waking up covered in city stress and rushed restless soggy
expressions. but here comes lady luck
and her Mr. Karma
they're too far away to tell
if those are smiles of joy
or smirks of finally finding payback
badtaste Aug 21
one little spider fell on my leg
I smacked him off then I said
"Did you nibble?
Did you bite?"
he said no
just a kissed you goodnight
I made this poem for my little cousin
badtaste Aug 21
I was born from the breathe of Satan-I was formed underneath a tree in Salem
I was sworn to **** the king with swords of Cain-I was torn in-between infamy and destiny from my name
I'm a nameless hatred created from the twisted creator seizing an unforgiving lust and hunger for another miserable maiden wasting her worth with words of wishes longing the chance to dance with the duke of death
but the bet begs black
and I'm dressed in red restless dripping decisions of every maiden's sins ever since Satan brought me back from the depths of *** and a forever reincarnation of Hell's retrieving-unforgiving-sanatorium
based on the 8th house
  Aug 21 badtaste
saw you facing God in spite,
saw your face and got inspired
much less walking on water
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