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badtaste Mar 15
The sequel is never as good as the original
How original
Time is ticking I can't wait
badtaste Jul 2022
I can't deal with this remorse from my guilty conscience.
chewed on my tongue to the bone, swallowed down fear until it hits the pit of my soul.
leaves me pale, what an inner grossness this is.
or is this spit on my flesh from God.
stuck with myself - my sinister shadow sewn to the one who walks in the fresh sunlight.
thriving - soul - slowly - dying at night, my thoughts swarm - fester faster and faster
like a fish in bowel my home is purgatory ;
will I repeat?
will I repent?
how am I to feel normal
how can I if she isn't still here
I hear her voice over the phone
alone to her thoughts before the knot was wrapped
it was all my fault
her feet dangled above ground
a true angel levitating past this existence
my forevermore entangled in memory
until I perish
badtaste Apr 2022
I treasure  my blossom / like a flower she shall grow and blossom
I cherish her skin /fearing the worst when day it will rotten
I curse the moon / faces he changes some grin some scheme
I hold her face closest  / when she misbehaves , outside in woods , to the window she will scream
I pleasure my blossom / poems she begs for so I will always write more
I answer my blossom / questions of home ? but here she will stay , here where it is warm
I dream of my blossom / her pedals lose color  in colder season
I pollen my blossom / by moon fall we will know if conceived was daughter or son
I bury my blossom / this cabin is silent but loud  like wind
I cry for my blossom / our child starved without a drop of milk
I need a new blossom / a daisy field is over the hill
I find my new blossom / but another gardener is there ; another I shall ****
I walk with my blossom / she holds onto my wrist tight with love
I carry my blossom / through the doorway as newlywed
I fight for my blossom / scoundrels or sheriffs couldn’t fathom our celibate matrimony
I lust for my blossom / how she smells and reminds me of my last family
I yearn for my blossom / she cries with tears - soul curling  callings of pompous proportions

S H E . N E E D S . T O . C A L M . D O W N .

I pet my blossom / hum out what she needs to hear now

“The day we decay in the casket we share ; we will stare so close nose to nose. No need to breath so faint and vigorously into my ear , Im here , my dear , forever through death. Let the worms feed on us both , when our story is told , in books or songs of romance envious audience will dance. Hold onto my flesh if you need some more , in the cupboard I stored , another layer for warmth. You smell of dandelions your hair like straw , I swore I saw your shattered kaleidoscope garnished glare elsewhere before. Your soul is sown onto my own how humbled I am to have you back home. Sleep now. H U S H . N O W. Wipe tears of joy off of your porcelain skin. You will wake to my eyes , every day , every night , I will hum you asleep sing you my eulogy again again again. My most precious flower , with such a solemn smile  , lips so cracked kiss so sweet , your flower will bloom with a blossom none have seen. Goodnight fare love greet me with glee inside your dream.”

the ambience of woods / the sirens of crickets
I close my eyelids on the floor beside my blossom
s i l e n c e
Inspired by squirrel stapler simulator
badtaste Jan 2022
words I struggle to announce - they crawl and edge on my tongue -

I swallow back down this raw emotional warmth.
hesitation boils in my stomach-
anticipation gnaws on the conscious that is ticking down...
to be lost

I whisper in the red blistered state of my mind

to act out-
act now ! yet I don't

patiently, you smile, continuing your hum.
, a spacious smile consulting with freckled dimples ,
a brilliant sheen - sunlight glitters off your mocha shaded skin.
your beautiful night covered eyes, fixated in an awe-aspired innocence
slyly I dance in a shifted stance - fake stretching to catch the glimmered glance exchanged
what a cosmic marvel it is for your windows to burnish -
- in such an intimate opaque opal wonder - an over expressive
blackened aperture :
just as your very soul is to an aching traveler
indescribable comfort  from a blanket of immense interpretations
galactic aesthetic given within every mere moment
****** intentions sloughed for this uninterrupted connection...

intense unintended ecstasy

blank stare I share
geekily breathing I halt
holding my breath
overthinking hastens as apparitions of her in my life take place

dumbfounded an understatement
I fall back ; imaginably my feet burrow down into my soles.
I blush a fresh coat of embarrassed excitement across my face.

the best part of this is we are not even strangers
we are lovers yet I find it so thrilling to have such over encumbered emotions  
none that are unfamiliar , just the rush of receiving
in turn makes it evermore welcoming  
just as dust floating in sunlight  
a pure force makes us too, levitate...

we enjoy this nervous bliss
until death do we part with our final kiss
badtaste Jan 2022
finish the poem/
do you love her, or do you not?
they are all in anticipation with how you will prolong these unsettled emotions with interrupted punctuation…
ellipses are used as visual seeds on your paper to plant the exposition of the prologue to a metaphor illustrating a tree of all branching decisions that lead to this over exhausted tragedy
spilt the rain check or bark up new rearranged jigsaw  literature structures  
make this sentence not rhyme with any other jargon found above or below
sure…just reinsure you’re not the monster when you have so much self awareness to your problem,
don’t forget you’re an addict to self inflicted mistakes
back stabbing yourself hurts , but the rush is worth the risk your subconscious is the witness and victim but has no way to make you listen

finish the poem/
no more discussions
don’t overthink your worst mistakes
badtaste Sep 2021
I don’t want to stay
I cannot sleep
I don’t want to leave
I cannot breathe

when I realize I’m falling in love with my best friend
overthinking tragedies of how it’ll end
badtaste Sep 2021
simple beautiful ambience

alone, but only with you,

a red flush of burning flesh ; iron aftertaste on my tongue after the bass in my chest slows down

remarkably makes my heart panic as if in a crowded audience

deep breathe ; chapped lips ; sixth sense pushing me closer to your warmth

subconscious stranger to myself takes control when I know I must hold you ; but lack courage to confess the confidence I give you was a gift that you left

for me…

lust; a duet of polar opposite ambitions

secrets we kept and promises we wished on ; sacred touches and kisses we blushed upon

Insatiable flavor you bring ; familiar like a sound from a song I heard you sing

I don’t want to rush out of this Paradise; but I cant stand being a prisoner of this taunting device: I want to give us a chance, but do I need to put all my love up for good ? I hate gambling - I have a feeling - whenever the house plays with a loaded  dice
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