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 Apr 17
Valsa George
he panted heavily
muscles twitching in his naked body
running frenzied, without looking back,
he shouted, “He is after me.... my life”
a rip roaring cry....!

the traffic halted
pedestrians stopped
people from shops came out
women through curtained windows peeped
children stopped their play

“so drunk”.... a man murmured
“A crack”.... someone shouted
“coming right after an ****”
sneered, an oldie...
“pity on him...! Take him to an asylum”
one gentleman suggested.
he needs help, majority opined
‘nab this plague’, the moral police quipped

what is he running from...?

an Assailant....?
corona virus....?
his own phantom...?
two sane men staying,
at a corner wondered.
they had masks on their face

“must be a health worker”..!
one of them said...
“yes, the subtle nuances of an agonized mind”
the other agreed!

as the scene on the road,
had grown into a high voltage drama,
dissensions grew and multiplied!
 Mar 14
Seranaea Jones

in order to

i must learn
to write

s jones

12 Mar 2021
 Mar 14
I can write it better or I can try cursive
well life goes whiff and I go passive
my attempts are honest, well true enough
what more should I say,
don't skim to my last page first
You have missed all the funny part
so many falls and then a flatline.
They're not being caught in the safety net
not while the rich are getting
what the poor should get.
 Jan 11
I had a thought
the other day
(in the shower).

And we
(in our fooling around)
both slipped and fell
on a bar of soap
called reality.

Painfully fun it was.
Hue hue.

From my second notebook titled "Shower Thoughts."
 Jan 7
..Hug the world and..
E   M   B   R   A   C   E
You don't have to love
Lose your steadfastness
Or even change the un
Be true and moral, grace
Tolerate, don't cheat or hate
 Dec 2020
In my waking
The chaos sinks
I waist no time
To stop and think

The moment is now
I ponder my world
My deadlines
My children
My special girl

Pet my dogs
Sip my coffee
Hit a bowl
Write a poem

Work out
Play guitar
Walk in nature
Off I go
To bed alone
Traveler Tim

I’m going to get a job one of these days...
 Nov 2020
I don't ever want to die
But if I had to choose
   Which way to go.....

Perhaps a hungry coyote
Would share me with it's pack
Tear my flesh limb from limb
And chew my bones to plaque  

Perhaps a poison lizard
Green with a yellow streak
Come crawling up from a stool
And bite me on the meat

Perhaps a giant boulder
At a famous mountain range
Could crash upon my head
And squish out all my brains

Like Bonnie and Clyde
Or a Challenger Astronaut
I want to go
Where the cameras have not
Screaming at the burning stake
Freezing in the artic waist
High falling
Last gasp drawing
Deep sea drowning
Ear ringing gunfire
Bomb blowing

At the end my days
It’s better to go out with a bang
Then it is to quietly fade
Traveler Tim

Wouldn't be anything left of me to box up if it were up to me. Fortunately it isn't!
 Nov 2020
$A song by a Canadian band$

When the dragons grow too mighty
To slay with pen or sword
I grow weary of the battle
And the storm I walk toward

When all around is madness
And there's no safe port in view
I long to turn my path homeward
To stop a while with you

When life becomes as barren
And as cold as winter skies
There's a beacon in the darkness
In a distant pair of eyes

In vain to search for honor
And in vain to search for truth
But these things can still be given
Your love has shown me proof

Poet/lyricist  Neil Elwood Peart
Traveler Tim
 Nov 2020
I don’t mean to shut lovers out
A forcefield of uncertainty surrounds me
As I expand with the expanding universe

As a force of creative energy
Forged and tempered in spirit fire
Bridged in eternal continuity
A Traveler must travel alone

There’s no place like home......
There’s no place like home.......
There’s no home...
Traveler Tim
 Nov 2020
Eternity is right now
In this moment
Eternal life belongs to those
who live in the present
Profoundly we forget
Limiting our’s or other’s
Power of equality

The power of quality
Isn’t what it ought to be
If you think you’re powerless
Or crazier yet
More powerful than me
Then ask yourself why do you
Believe what you believe
Then start to
Set your spirit free
Catch up with the rest of us!
Traveler Tim

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