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There’s something of the nomad in me, call me a wanderer, a gypsy maybe. New adventures come and go, in some places fast, in others ...
19/Trans Male/Chicago IL    Gray Dawson, is a bisexual, trans male from Chicago who tends to write about the darker things in life, in an attempt to spread awareness ...
18/F/India    I write poems because that's the only way I can verbalize my thoughts...
Hadrian Veska
Possibly a human being
20/F/Wonderland!    To be half asleep with love
M/SpaceTime/    Hello, Hello Poets
David Adamson
M/Silver Spring, MD, USA    "Nature is a mutable cloud that is always and never the same." --Emerson "He had studied the nostalgias." --Wallace Follow me on WordPress:
Jim Davis
Great State of Texas    Started writing four years ago! Always loved reading, loving and living. “What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to ...
White Widow
Logun Alexander Johnson
18/M/Nowhere and everywhere.    Loved and in love.
D Awanis
F/Indonesia    poems are spells, poets are witches / a self-proclaimed wordsmith / find my other writings through
Joe Redwater
F/California    All original work is my own, and copyrighted by Medusa, and A. Wild. unless otherwise credited. Medusa painting by S. Christian, my dear friend irl, ...
Elizabeth Squires
All poems original Copyright of Elizabeth Squires.
Eric the Red
40/M/Southwest    Follow me on Instagram: eric_the_red_poetry
Heike Borgard
F/Duesseldorf - Germany    Warm greetings to you all! My name is Heike - my nickname is "Moon" - I am german. The ones that might remember me: Yes ...
23/F/Forest    /M.A./ my mind is storm like butterflies
Carson Alexander Defelice
18/M/GA    I'm not poetic I'm permanently apathic and this is my only way to make you see the way I do
kalica calliope delphine
26/F    ॐ celestial being. infj. word prophet. magical thinking enthusiast. recovering addict. 8 years sober. gsf. dream weaver. midnight songbird. tangent queen supreme. wayshower. knowledge seeker. ...
Lynette Warren
50/F/California    Weeping may endure for a night will I hold on for daylight? I miss you son. Joshua 06/15/92 - 11/17/17
F    I've been reciting poems since I was little, I guess it's time for me to create to.
Brianna Love -aka Stormy Angel
My Dear Wordvango: Yours is the light by which my spirit’s born: - you are my sun, my moon and all my stars ~ e.e. ...
Nigeria    Working on myself everyday with God's help
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