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 Aug 28
Dylan McFadden
That fateful day, It slipperily slunk,
The shrewd and crafty Beast

And with Its slithery tongue It struck
Two hearts, and hell released

A fateful day! A fateful dint!
…The Fall of the Beloved

But then and there One gave the hint
Of rescue from Above


That fateful day the Beast would bite
The heel of The Great King

But He, in turn, would crush Its head –
Death’s prisoners would sing:

“The fateful Day eternity told,  
Foreknown before the world!

The Lion came, brave and bold –
The Lamb slain from of old!”


And so, that fateful day was but
A part in the Grand Scheme

One fateful Day He’d come indeed
To ransom and redeem

That fateful Day upon a cross
He breathed His final breath:

“It is finished!” was His cry;
The death of death in death.

 Feb 23
Keyana Brown
Back then she hated
herself and her life
as if she couldn't
see the light.

She onced believed
that all people were the same
because majority of them
bought her so much pain.

She tried harder to complete
many obstacles
she tried to be
and beautiful the public eye
after many attempts
~she was denied

The rain has fallen
the lightning started striking
the thunder is frightening
suddenly the noise
blocked all of her feelings
of pure hatred and rejection.

Electricia is free
now once again
no more negative energy
her judgement is broken
and ready to take over the land.
To be continued...
 Apr 2020
Cynthia Jean
Time to turn to God.

We must take a stand.

Be silent no more!

The silent are complicit,  weak,  and  cowardly.

Be brave, bold and courageous.

God has not given us a spirit of fear,  but power,  love,  and a sound mind.

Fear is demonic.

The "powers that be" (not Powers...have ears to hear) are suffocating this nation with a spirit of fear ( think about it...the healthy are under house arrest... and voluntarily ...

We are under the ******* of the lies of the box and the tellers of tales!

My brothers and sisters

I plead with you now

We all need to





(And no more spewing of  hatred !!... we have become a nation of haters...and where does that come from?)




Cynthia Jean
April 21, 2020
The truth be told
You need to dig
into a black pit
To rid the bite of a viper .
 Feb 2020
I shall be happy once that evil devil is in hell.
Trying its best to destroy Gods work right here.
But the truth to be kmow is God can use everything.
For his purpose here on the earth and  Hellopoetry.
For sometimes while we are at our very worst here.
He can use us to reveal himself through us here on the earth.
Thus revealing that it was not us but his Spirit within us.
That has done that miracous thing that he done through us.
 Feb 2020
Life seems tough and Blessings seem few at times.
But Christ has a plan and it seems that the battle here.
Is never really won , after each successful battle won.
A new one a rises to always take it place here on the earth,
But this is Christ redefining his people into better self.
Working , molding Us into your beautiful perfect self.
So in order to be truly blessed and becoming an blessing.
We need to become obediently obeying you Holy Savior.
Thus then you shall surely truly bless Us your people.
 Oct 2019
Dylan McFadden
Through the darkest night,
In the midst of ash
Ahead of its time –
Where the blackest black
Of filth and fire
Consume, devour – repeat…

A Light shines.

And while fools
Dance with death
To the tune of
An evil they call “good” –
Grinding their teeth
To curse and boast…

A Voice sings.

And as the earth groans –
Aching under the weight of
The birth of many children
Called “Destruction,”
Who've grown to eat and ****
Their own…

A King reigns.

Ooh  the  short day light
The long deary dark winters nights.
The feeling  of  doom  & gloom
Can't  feel  lively
I just feel  so exhausted.
I  feel so low
I want to cry.
Go to sleep  until  the cold air lasps
until the  the summer sun comes  up again.
Ooh how I loath winter time.
Dull skies
Lack of  light  in  the skies above.
Doom and gloom.
Lack of  smiles on people's faces.
Let's all  disappear until
The freshness  of  cool  warm air.
 Sep 2018
When I thought my life was going to end
You made it a glorious bend
When my back was against the wall
Your strength made me stand tall
When my enemy came and I was about to yield
You showed up as my shield
At the points of maximum stress
In You, I found fortress
When the wind was boisterous and fierce
You showed up with your peace
When there was no one to run to
You were there to see me through
When I felt totally caged and seemed to be no way
You came through and made a way!
When your sure trust and dependence is God, He always come through!
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