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16/F/im lost    for a while I use this site to escape reality, so why don't you escape with me. plus I add my own poems to collections ...
kalica calliope delphine
26/F    ॐ celestial being. infj. word prophet. magical thinking enthusiast. recovering addict. 8 years sober. gsf. dream weaver. midnight songbird. tangent queen supreme. wayshower. knowledge seeker. ...
Carlo C Gomez
50/M/The Exclusion Zone    Husband of Mrs. Timetable. Surreal picture by Justin Peters. New book "Exiled to Dusk" available here:
Today    Please be gentle with me.
Darina Forgacova
37/F/Slovakia    Engineer who loves writing, poetry, wandering and dreaming.
White Widow
Edmund black
39/M/NJ    Not Everything I Write Is About Me , However I Only Write For Myself....... Remember Jesus Is The Way And The Light.
Philippines    I read I write I live
21/F    Great dream is powerful than all facts....& Every great dream begins with dreamer.... All rights reserved ©2019.
Druzzayne Rika
24/F/Living inside the poetry    A small plant growing in a garden of beautiful flowers.
27/F/in a body and mind.    /eh-nai-lee/ since the beginning ~ a never ending time
F/Choctaw Nation    "Anything's possible if you've got enough nerve." ~J.K. Rowling
Jim Davis
Great State of Texas    Started writing four years ago! Always loved reading, loving and living. “What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to ...
Richard Grahn
58/M/Chicago    ...just another dream...
The Sick Red Carnation
27/F/Iran    Maybe it's bad that My mother's pussy Gave birth to the sick mind 💮🌿 My Insta : @yasaman.johari💮 2 December 1996
Dag J
Norway    My humble contributions of poetry, thoughts, feelings, words and letters, soul stuff and mind puffs, mental excursions from the daily handcuffs. ... "Our glory lies ...
tumelo mogomotsi
21/south africa    i write what i like.
Wirral UK    I've come here looking for inspiration, from poets oh so wise. I'll scan the pages, digest the words, and then I'll plagiarise. Or i could ...
BlueRain(R) 2017
Singapore    "If you perpetuate the dreams of the past, then you stifle your own dreams of the future" - Brandon Sanderson I'm just a guy who ...
Nonkululeko Anicia Khumalo
Johannesburg, SA    "I write because I don't know what I think until I read what I say." - Flannery O'connor
Melaka Jude
Colombo    Hi! I'm a teenager just starting out in the writing field. I love writing, it makes me feel so free and ecstatic. I like writing ...
Sk Abdul Aziz
Life 2me is a strange journey;even before u begins and by d time u comprehend d purpose of your existenz,you're not always lucky 2 ...
Hopeful Ponderer
South Carolina    All poems are copyright protected.
Tyler Houck
22/M/North Carolina    Hello!
Zenab Rehman
Writer || Bibliophile || IG: @zenabrehman || Reach for the stars so if you fall you land on a cloud
John Edward Smallshaw
68/Here and now    You can follow me on Twitter @jsirony John Smallshaw on Facebook also the 'pantechniconpoet' on Website.. soundcloud YouTube blah, blah, blah ps so many ...
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