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hope Jan 11
countless stares i see
i feel empty and it shows-
i won’t speak a word.
i feel so alone please help me feel
hope Feb 2018
drinking isn't fun anymore
and drugs aren't fun anymore
and popping pills isn't fun anymore
and blacking out isn't fun anymore,
but death sounds appealing
and i know that makes me sound crazy
and maybe i am,
but the sadness is made of me and i can't let go
and oh god i want to let go
please let me let go
i'll get better
hope Jan 2018
the more i begin to disappear,
the less fragile i become;
this war of guilt only gives me a reason
to blame myself for the misery
i have placed on myself.
i do not know where i have gone, but no one seems to see me anymore.
hope Jan 2018
they say they love you ,
that you mean everything to them,
but they can't even remember
your birthday.
tomorrows my birthday and only two people noticed
hope Dec 2017
and even with my last breath
i'd scream your name,
even though i know
you'd never come back.
im too sad to even breathe right now

— The End —