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PSR Jun 2017
Waiting For The Man To Lead The Way.
The 6th Month Of The Year, The 8th Day
PSR May 2017
The monotony of a mundane Monday morning
Can be alleviated by the allure of the amorous amazonian from accounts
PSR May 2017
I search far and wide
As far as the eye can see
For a  drop of intelligence
In a ocean of stupidity
PSR Apr 2017
Never ceases to amaze.
The mentality of the masses,
Their world in a daze.

Devoid of all nerve.
Following orders blindly,
Happy to serve.

Their's is not to question why.
Swallow all the *******,
Conform and then die
PSR Apr 2017
Please tell me what kind of life form, I beg
Is growing within this chocolate egg
PSR Apr 2017
Pleasing To The Eye, The Heart And The Soul.
Let Me Capture This Moment Forever.
A Living Hard Copy To Remind Me.
With The Passage Of Time
As Memories Turn To Dust And
People And Places Cease To Be Real,
I Will Have This And I Will Know,
PSR Apr 2017
Pangs of guilt in my heart.
I do have compassion
Well that's a start
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