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Dag J Jun 2017
         work got the
upper                   hand
    I stopped writing
Let´s hope the time will come when I yet again find comfort in writing ...
  Jan 2017 Dag J
.      my best friend
                   never speaks to me at all
Dag J Jul 2015
where feelings
are found and
needs fulfilled the
nature of the
abandoned souls
burdens are
(c) dj 2015
Dag J Jul 2015
tension of the earth tingles in your
hands following the smell of morning as the
elements unfolds to eliminating lows

deep … like under water you feel something
untie moving upwards slowly free from its restraints
as you reach the surface gasping for air you feel a
longing as the fire in your soul moves on to
infinity while you grasp small parts of reality letting it
touch the empty space in your mind as
you silently endure

opening the book of the
future you understand what

efforts awaits what
needs to fulfill as your
divided attention focus on
living as you continue
embracing the moment
silently in full concentration
sitting breathing smiling
now knowing the
energy inside is enough
slowly learning to
(c) dj 2015
Dag J Jul 2015
fearless we
elongate the
into a
kiss of
silent *admiration
(c) dj 2015
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