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 Dec 2020
no ghost shall fight a war
for the living
for a dead mans' war
are done
 Dec 2020
Druzzayne Rika
He has a Life
while i wish
I have him.
 Nov 2020
Salmabanu Hatim
Don't substitute your absence in your children's life with presents.
 Nov 2020
Saudia R
Let my silence teach you

what my words

did not
This year, do not explain yourself (especially repeatedly) to someone who does not listen. Let your silence be your response. Let your happiness be your response. Let your peace be your authenticity.
 Nov 2020
Glenn Currier
My energy ebbs
in this autumn
like the yellow leaves
falling from mother Elm
calling goodbyes
slowly departing for another realm.
 Oct 2020
then night said
is how universe
speaks it's mind.
 Oct 2020
Walter W Hoelbling
a thousand apologies more will not
make spoken words unheard
 Oct 2020
green abundance fades
her hidden colors emerge
true nature revealed
 Oct 2020
everything must end
so by logic
my pain would too
idk i hope it does
 Oct 2020
Robert Watson
Sinuous the smoke
Tainting serene summer sights
Flaming, scourging plight.
Blazing wildfires thousands of miles away. The smoke engulfs the flaming eye of heaven, Minnesota observer.
 Oct 2020
Cassandra Stevenson
I am not yours anymore
As you are not mine.
 Oct 2020
Dr Peter Lim
Let your living
            be your meaning
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