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CL Oct 2015
We will soar through the sky hand in hand,
bouncing from clouds of ecstasy to utopia,
no longer fearful of the demonic world in which society tries to control and oppress.

An unstoppable energy of fearless expression and loving creativity, we will find refuge within freedom.

We will wrap ourselves in the essence of the other and melt into one,
to be carried away atom by atom,
to a place of nirvana where our souls will reside evermore.
CL Aug 2015
Your lips tingle my senses, exploring my body
My ******* harden beneath the caress of your tongue
Your yearning for between my legs grows, hardening against my torso.
You reach where I had been waiting for you and we become one, entwined in a sea of pleasure.
Deep thrusts envelope us in burning passion as raw desire for satisfaction deepens
We succumb to the need and drown within waves of ecstasy, our bodies melting into a pool of tranquility.
CL May 2015
Is it possible to feel an abundance of emotion so deeply and all at once that you never actually know how you feel.
Mayhem existing within the depths of serenity.
Confusion racing through my mind,
playing games with sadness in my heart,
anger competing against hope and happiness,
want and need becoming one,
Pride demanding to stand tall above everything.
A chaos of emotion determined to cloud my judgement.
How do you know who you are supposed to be when you can't even interpret how you feel.
CL May 2015
Patience is a virtue not owned by many
Only when you pause do you see things for how they truly are,
Only when you wait can you allow the universe to guide you to where you need to be,
Only with time can you heal and grow,
Be patient for it is a virtue worth owning.
CL May 2015
I loved you and you couldn't see it
You put on your mask and hid away
Every now and again letting a glimpse of yourself out,
It was beautiful like the sun on a cloudy day.
I loved you and you couldn't see it,
So you pushed me away.

Maybe I did the same.

— The End —