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Chase The Moment Jan 2022
A room full of possibility

Hopes and dreams
my heart light as a feather

Rainbow cacophonies of my soul  

But the colors only dance in my Dreams,
for my heart feels dark and laden with stone

Like a photograph,
so remiss of light

As I yearn with my whole self
and somehow… more

Picturing your sweet face ,
the warmth of your being

Yet here in the harsh light of truth
the door remains closed

Too hard to bare the empty promises
the ache I bare in my heart

I could fill an ocean with the tears
I have cried, begging for you

My heart yearns to lull you to sleep

To gaze into your perfect eyes

Mother and baby connected before

The door lurks in the background

Does the door unlock, all my Dreams?

Or maybe…

It’s just .. another … room

Copywrite 2022
All Rights Reserved
Chase The Moment Jan 2022
In early Winters morn

Shimmering, floating , becoming

Purely Fey

Moon guarding night sky

Cresting Winters Pale crown

Glowing outward light

Shimmering, floating , becoming

A soliloquy of snow

Bells of winter’s breath

Awakening our world

Glowing Ethereal,

Radiating Warmth

Warmth of new day

Shimmering, floating, becoming

First Snow

CopyWrite 2022
All Rights Reserved
Chase The Moment Jun 2016
She dances in the cloak of death
Her heart palpitating
time ticks onward

She dances in the cloak of light
Her eyes sparkling
time ticks onward

She dances in the cloak of despair
Her feet forlorn
time ticks onward

She dances in the cloak of hope
Her breath intoxicated
time ticks onward

She dances in the clock of birth
Her hands trembling
time ticks onward
Not sure if I should call it "Stretching time" or "The dance of time"
Chase The Moment Jun 2016
It lies on my 3rd finger
It glints in the sun
It's the color of the ocean

It makes me smile
It makes me cry
It's full of love

It's full of life
It's full of death
It's the happiest day of my life
It's the sadist day of my life

CopyRight@2016 Kelly Chase
All Rights Reserved
A poem about the story behind my engagement ring
Chase The Moment Feb 2015
Relationships are fingerprints
Each becomes

Whorls spinning into seamless
Chaotic cosmos

Never Removed

The world
Leave a

CopyRight©2015 Kelly Chase
All Rights Reserved
Chase The Moment Jan 2015
I    miss   you
Is not enough

No words are
For the way I feel
Of you

I don't sleep
I can't sleep

I'm cold...freezing
Though my room
Is a blazing sun

And my window panes
Are pelted by the storm

Much like my tears do
To my cheeks

Because I am missing my second skin

The way you wrap yourself
Around me and within me
Completely absorbing me

Breathing you in
Until I am High
On you

Trying desperately
To remember
Your scent

As I live

Remembering Your

Until Our Love
No longer has to be kept
At Bay

Copyright©2015 Kelly Chase
All Rights Reserved
Long distance relationships are hard
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