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Sep 2017 · 75
The Path
Brianne Sep 2017
I don't know where the path will lead us but I know that the path I was following led me to you.
Sep 2017 · 153
Brianne Sep 2017
Just like in the dark you cannot see, in the silence is the same
You cannot see what is to come so you just wait
You travel blindly trying to find a gate to open
but you fail to find anything
Apr 2017 · 433
Brianne Apr 2017
Pills handed to you that were foreign and strange
was all it took before you changed.
The outgoing person I loved now was cold towards me
I wondered how could that be
You were not the same
But who could I blame
For doing this to my sweet sister
My answer leads me to your mister
Apr 2017 · 150
Brianne Apr 2017
It is amazing to see how ones eyes can portray so many emotions.
You can see the hurt in his eyes when you are crying because you are afraid to lose him.
You can see the way his eyes light up when the first " I love you" slips from your lips.
You can see the how much he cares when his eyes meet yours before a kiss.
Eyes reveal the biggest secrets.
Apr 2017 · 98
Brianne Apr 2017
I found myself searching for something that was out of my control. I forced myself to become vulnerable, trying to find someone who would fill this empty space in my heart. After months of wandering through life without someone to call mine,  I had finally realized the person I had been longing for had been in front of me this whole time.
Aug 2016 · 85
Brianne Aug 2016
It was the beginning of something but what that something was I am still waiting to find out. Could it be the sleepless nights of wondering if you're thinking about me the way I am thinking about you? Could it be the start of a relationship? These thoughts consume me and you're probably living your life like those little moments that we had didn't happen.  I still don't know and I don't think you do either.
Jun 2016 · 128
Brianne Jun 2016
I don't know you but I want to
May 2016 · 2.1k
That place
Brianne May 2016
I am in a place that is full of all the other lost lovers.
A place with only one hope, the hope of finally being loved back.
May 2016 · 187
Want to be Wanted
Brianne May 2016
I want you
I want you to hold my hand and show the world I'm yours.
I want you to brush my curly hair out of my face.
I want you to smile at me with love.
I want you to look at me as if I was the only girl in the world.
I want you to hold my face with your hands.
I want to meet your family.
I want you to meet mine.
I want to have rainy days with you.
I want to cuddle and share thoughts.
I want you to want me.
But you're taken.
Apr 2016 · 140
Lost Love
Brianne Apr 2016
You saw past all my imperfections and flaws
but when I looked at you, that was all I saw
I was too focused on the small details that I couldn't get past them
I gave up on us while you were holding us together like a stem
holds up the petals of a flower even when it is dying
Awaiting its resurrection
but sadly admitting acceptance
Apr 2016 · 182
In my thoughts
Brianne Apr 2016
At the end of the day I feel so alone
Bitterness sweeps through my body
as people that have let me down and
plans that have fallen short upon expectations
appear in my thoughts and linger until I fall asleep
I go through the same motions everyday
wondering when the cycle will end
Apr 2016 · 221
first kiss
Brianne Apr 2016
Eyes meet
Smiles follow
Butterflies flutter
Hands touching hands
Fingers clasped
Bodies close
One breath
One kiss

— The End —