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Brianne Apr 2020
I can only be pushed to break so many times before the pieces can no longer be put back together
When my thoughts cease to exist, the conversations we once had fill the silence
The pain I feel being without you is better than the heartbreak I feel when you are still mine
I am gone
Brianne Apr 2020
Never again will I let a man blind me of seeing my full potential.
Never again will I cry over someone who is not worth the tears.
Never again will I let someone tell me my feelings aren't valid.
Never again will I give more effort than received.  

Heeartbreaks have taught me to not lose sight of what I deserve.
#heartbreak #deserve #hurt #feelings
Brianne Jan 2020
Did the short time we had together not convince your soul that I was the one you needed?
All the late-night talks and early mornings by your side comforted my thoughts that told me to be careful with my heart
But maybe there are two sides to each story.
My story ended with me falling for you
Yours is continuing with someone else
#story #falling #love
Brianne Jan 2020
You’re gone
And all that remains are the kisses you pressed into my neck
In a couple days they will fade away
But your touch you placed upon my skin will remain forever
#kisses #love #gone
Brianne Jul 2019
I know it won't last
but for some reason I can't let him go
I keep holding on hoping that something will change
but we are so different in our own ways
I feel empty when I think of life without him
but when I think of my future, someone else is in his place
#hopelesslove #love #life
Brianne Sep 2017
I don't know where the path will lead us but I know that the path I was following led me to you.
Brianne Sep 2017
Just like in the dark you cannot see, in the silence is the same
You cannot see what is to come so you just wait
You travel blindly trying to find a gate to open
but you fail to find anything
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