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Brandon Amberger Dec 2015
I love you so much
Enough to dream about you
Twenty four seven
Brandon Amberger Jan 2016
I can’t take this any more
It’s truly a brutal cold war
With the deception and spite
Full of anger, pain, suffering we fight
Between family that are now foes
We hit each other with low blows
It’s easy, wicked and rotten
We don’t remember the good, it’s just forgotten
With favoritism and neglect
Without the slightest respect
We are parasitic infestations
Just a group of ****** up generations
Brandon Amberger Apr 2016
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
You may now want to take out the recorder
This world may label it as a weakness
But I’m quite fond that it gives me a type of uniqueness
Although my mind bounces around
Like a bouncy ball all over town
It sometimes allows me to be still
When I find something that gives me a thrill
Instead of giving me that medication
Allow my mind to experience that sensation
Of it’s ability to go full throttle top gear
It may seem irrational and unclear
But trust me the task assigned
Will be completed from a mastermind
Do me a favor. Keep being you.
Brandon Amberger Aug 2015
A fear of rejection
Because you believe during further inspection
That there is nothing more
In you just a shallow shore
You pass by everyday
With a swirling heap of gray
Hoping, praying that you’ll find
A person similar to your peace of mind
And you think
Every time you go to your shrink
With 7 billion souls
Your chances have some type of control
And that leaves you
Into a state askew
Just standing back
Looking through a mirror what you lack
Brandon Amberger Dec 2019
Fires on the field.
The dead and wounded around.
A fraction of war.
Brandon Amberger Dec 2016
What a beautiful day
Nice breeze right off the bay
The Hammock swaying
Birds chirping and playing
The sun bright and sunny
Ice tea with a little bit of honey
A patch of daisies so yellow
Could this day be anymore mellow
Deep breathes of fresh air
This feeling of balance is rare
Brandon Amberger Feb 2018
A bone chilling black night.
A bullet piercing streak of light.
Gasp, A meteor so bright!
Stopping all those who fight.
Seduced by its stunning might.
Brandon Amberger Jul 2016
Come here and take my hand
Together right now we take our last stand
To end this ******* pitiful corruption
The ignorant will no longer be a disruption
You are probably wondering how
I’ll tell you this now we will never bow
No one said this would be easy
For a while, we will be busy
We’ll start with the hardworking and the brave
They’re the people who can pull off the save
The way of progression is always right
This will be the main event fight
Now roll both your sleeves
Don’t use your back bend your knees
We’re improving this world Earth
So every kid has an equal chance at birth
Brandon Amberger Oct 2015
At First Glance

Took one look and I fell in love
Kept looking for her around the club
I was thinking to myself Wow what a dove
Hoping maybe we could smoke a dub
I finally got the ***** to go to talk her  
Nothing could stop me not even a wicked song
Started a conversation found she was a transfer
I was hoping this night would be very long
Got her number and guarded it with my life
The next day I told my friends They asked “what’s the sight”
In my mind hoping some day that she’ll be my wife
I replied “Guys that isn’t right” there was almost a fight
I explained too them this is a sign of fate
I finally called her that afternoon
Praying that she new I wasn’t just trying to mate
I asked her out on the very first day of June
I was so nervous; worried that she might think I’m a fool
She explained to me that she came here for a whole new slate
It turned out that she thought I was cool
  I was thinking to myself she’s my soul mate
Six months went by so fast
I bought a ring my parents thought I was a buffoon
I proposed after a play with an all-star cast
Under the light of a magnificent blue moon
50 years later people asked us how we made it so far
We told them there have been mountains we climbed
Almost all of them gave us scars
Some of them even came ill timed
We pushed on though and knew
Our love is pure and true
Brandon Amberger Dec 2015
I am baffled by your belief
That you actually think you’re just
That you have this idea to become commander in chief
Don’t count my vote; you do not have my trust
Though you’re intelligence is incredible
Which makes it that more ridiculous
Your everyday actions are certainly not credible
What scares me is that you are even meticulous
Because if you are aware of your actions
Then that makes you cruel and unsuitable
I believe that you’ll only care about a small fraction
Since you’re smart you can see the logic is irrefutable
Take a moment to see, how you make people feel
There you will see what you perceive is not real
Brandon Amberger Mar 2018
Before we met
Rainbows were black
Light never shined
Wind was stagnant
Stars were absent
Fire was cold
Birds never song
Rain never fell
Brandon Amberger Dec 2015
I see that you’re alone
In agonizing pain you groan
Now I don’t know the cause
But I’m willing to help for a long pause
You see I’ve been there
Backed up into a corner
The only way out forward
I’ll give you a helping hand
I’ll create a foundation for you to stand
I just ask you do not forget this
You help someone else without a wince
Simply because they need it
I know your action will transmit
Brandon Amberger Dec 2015
Man oh Man
We’ve had a great run
Glad none of us ended up with a son
We started off confused and dumb
Drunk listening to that big *** bass drum
Not knowing where to get the ***** or bud
Drinking some ****** alcoholic mud
We’ve had plenty of laughs
I could show you the numbers on the graphs
A few weird roommates along the way
But still not hoping for May
Finals ****** even with the addy
Us all guys hoping the girls call us daddy
Graduation came really really fast
I couldn’t have got better friends if I asked
Now it’s not time to say goodbye
Hold your tears don’t cry
It’s just a see ya later
When we’re all greater
Brandon Amberger Dec 2015
I am your biggest enemy
That annoying disruptive archenemy
I am the devil’s advocate
The answer that can’t wait
I am the, what if, that cannot
That heart dropping second thought
I am that itch you can’t reach
That dreaded wedding speech
I am the chair leg that stubs your toe
The dreadful bad hair day photo
I am the daily agonizing frustration
But these moments give me this admiration
To be happy and thankful for those times
That make it worth wild to live a lifetime.
Brandon Amberger Feb 2016
Truly unfathomable
What I have just witnessed
It was mesmerizing, cheerful, and even magical
This man just experienced the ultimate joy
Holding this itty bitty boy
With just hope this little man
Could create so many things for this world
He had no fears no chance of tears
They looked into each other’s eyes
Mentor and apprentice
This was true happiness
Brandon Amberger May 2019
This is a haiku.
They all are Five Seven Five.
You have just counted.
Brandon Amberger Jan 2019
Heroes are not determined by the skills they were born with, nor what they have gained.

They are determined by the will power they have to overcome unimaginable dire adversity, fear and pain.

In order to help others in this crucifying world
Brandon Amberger Jul 2018
Hopefully, we’re deeper than the screen we’re staring at.
Brandon Amberger Apr 2016
I Brandon Amberger accept #TheChallenge
This is not a request nor demand, it is a challenge. This challenge is to be the better person and to take responsibility for your actions. To swallow your pride so that instead of arguing you choose to shut your mouth, do the right thing, and get the job done. To simply follow the principle "treat others, how you would like to be treated"
I'll tell you why you should accept my challenge. It's to set an example and improve our future for our kids. If you don't have kids, you do it for your family's kids and your friends' kids. Everyone deserves the same chance. For those of you who have influence, you have higher expectations. Why? You have power and with power comes responsibility. So I’m challenging the CEO’s, the interns, students, actresses, lawyers, foreman, electricians, bus-boy, waitress, teachers, children, the parents, and everyone alive to accept.
I really, really hope you become a challenger. For those of you who do accept, there is no punishment, nor reward. Just gratuity for doing the right thing. Now do you accept the challenge?
I'm sorry this is not a poem but this is how i feel. I do believe part of poetry is expressing how you feel though, so that's why I wrote this on here.
Brandon Amberger Feb 2018
Well I'm glad you asked.
I'm your next monumental task.
Call me Rufus because I'm about to make your empire crumble.
From my earthquaking hook, it will make the crowds rumble.
Float like a butterfly, hit like Tyson.
I got the strength of the All American Bison.
That left they say is “the kiss of death” please,
you haven't seen a real American breed.
A combo of the world's greatest.
My team is the smartest and latest.
What could you have to possibly show?
I’ll hit you with the jab high and low.
You’re skills of movement and power are ****.
****, I can’t wait to make you cry and quit
Brandon Amberger Mar 2018
Intelligence is **** but using it for good is beautiful.
Brandon Amberger Aug 2015
An internal battle, that takes a hefty toll
On your friends and yourself goals
The ying the yang
A loud disastrous bang
Caused by irresistible forces colliding
Then a great dividing
Now into the abyss
This time is bliss
Only time to revive
Now feeling even more alive
At last finding balance
And your exceptional talents
Brandon Amberger Aug 2015
Internal Corruption
A ticking time bomb for a disastrous eruption
An endless tug-of-war
Your mind your body can’t handle this anymore
Swaying back and forth
Back and forth
Near your last gasp
There’s something to grasp
Your last bit of sanity
Like a calm plump manatee
It lays there firm
A foundation now can be set for the long term
Brandon Amberger Feb 2019
In your darkest times.
The light only emits from
your mind, heart and will.
Brandon Amberger Aug 2015
I stand firm
Until I find someone else to take over my term
Holding up the weight of the world
Above the abyss with my arms curled
A constant evil trying to penetrate
Getting low so that a wave will not excavate
The life that has been created
A new protector has been awaited
A protector doesn’t need perfection
Just has to have a unique affection
For the good and bad souls
Otherwise there will be holes
And thousands of pounds will fall down
Everything will drown
Under the relentless waves
Will lay billions of graves
Brandon Amberger Aug 2019
It brings me comfort, that wisdom is one of the few things, that can only be built up and never torn down. - Anonymous
Brandon Amberger Dec 2015
You must work really hard
To reach the most pristine view
It is all on you
Haiku 2
Brandon Amberger Apr 2016
I took a glance
Towards those who dance
And just by chance
I saw this vagrant lass
Radiating beauty like a star of colossal mass
So eloquent with her every pass
She swirls and weaves
Smiles and receives
I wonder if it is I, she perceives?
Brandon Amberger Nov 2015
Like I told you I write
Yeah, It’s just to think
It’s so I don’t fight
So I don’t sink
It’s my time
Just mine
Just I
Brandon Amberger Jun 2019
I want to give hope to the hopeless.
I want to give guidance to the lost.
I want to give joy to the depressed.
I want to give love to the hated.
I want to give praise to the forgotten.
I want to give courage to the fearful.
I want to give compassion to the heartless.
I want to give strength to the weak.
Brandon Amberger Dec 2015
Dash like the wind
Towards the place you’d like to be
No crack too small
No wall too tall
You can go with the flow
This will surely let you grow
Choose your own path
Don’t be intimidated by their wrath
Who cares if it’s normal
Normally fun isn’t abnormal
Live with tradition
Under your condition
Create something that’ll last for the ages
So beautiful that it’s displayed on stages
Always do right
You’ll be respected like a knight
Brandon Amberger Dec 2015
I can easily get lost
Just in my mind
It’s elaborate vibrant and vast
It’s every memory in my past
Filled with my predictions for the future
Goals dreams aspirations too
My worries and fears
All the times I shed a tear
These paths all intertwine
Creating this entangled knot
But somehow I sleep peacefully on a cot
I think it’s because even though I dream
During the day or night
I still have this objective sight
Brandon Amberger Dec 2015
Your beauty is undeniable
I’ll always be reliable
Starting with your smile
Bright enough from a mile
You’re down to earth
Even past the bottommost spec of dirt
Your mind so pure
Easily the sorrow cure
I must confess
Why I believe I’m blessed
I’m your foundation
And Salvation
From that foundation you arise
From yours so do I
Spiraling beyond that blue sky
After that last faint good bye
It's simple love is an infestation
Uncontrollable and even Endurable through incarceration
Brandon Amberger Nov 2015
I am the sun without shade
My presence shall never fade
When I see you cry
I wonder why
What caused you to tear?
My darling you should have no fear
You are under my protection
Your love in me is like a deadly infection
In every cell atom and my soul
I would escape the largest black hole
For you are my heart beat
The sweetest most desirable treat
Brandon Amberger Feb 2018
Quite scary to know we have “x” days remaining
I will never lose a day because it’s raining
But I must protect what I hold most dear
It is time with family and friends maybe some beer
Laughs, stories of heroes and foes
Live my life bold and loud, not careful on tippy toes.
Because why would you ever be quiet and hide?
Life can be a euphoric one hell of a ride.
Brandon Amberger Dec 2015
I saw a flower
So miniscule compared to a tower
But it’s beauty so superior
The tower so inferior
Though a piece of art
Created by someone so smart
But a flower wasn’t designed
Nor created by mankind
Instead a natural piece
It’s life only a temporary lease
Nothing is forever
Nor constant, always an unpredictable endeavor
But that’s the beauty
Nature’s easily attainable duty
The want, the need, to continue on
As we look forward towards the next dawn
Brandon Amberger Feb 2018
I'm bringing back that old fashion class
Place my jacket down for her to sit on the grass
Being a gentleman is alive and well
Actually right now there are plenty and swell
We don't say much but please and thank you
Once in a while a god bless you
And it's really not that daunting
Being honest isn't really that haunting
You and I just want them to smile
All day all night not just for a while
Let them vent and curse
Even buy that new Gucci purse
Because their your true best friend
They’re happiness till the end
Happiness love oldfashion
Brandon Amberger Apr 2016
You’re the one that got away
You’re the one I hope to see everyday
Just to get a second long glance
We could’ve had a magical romance
Days where we would just lay on soft grass
Talking about that time we both fell on our ***
We could’ve had so many laughs
Thousands of smiles in photographs
I’m not even a religious believer
But I pray everyday to reduce the love fever
I sincerely miss you
Hopefully one day I’ll run into you
Brandon Amberger Dec 2015
I need to get something off my chest.
Otherwise it’s going to crush me if I rest.
This maybe my ultimate test
Just like leaving my mother celeste
I must tell you what’s on my mind.
The words are so, so hard to find.
Here’s what I have to say.
I thought about this a lot while I lay.
Now please apologize
Because I know that you can recognize,
What you have done
I know that it’s a lot easier to run
I know that you feel guilt
I know that there is still good that has been built
In your heart there still remains yang
So let’s not end this with a disastrous bang
Brandon Amberger Dec 2015
My love and I,
Stare at the sky.
Trying to grasp
The size we only can gasp.
Thankfully the refreshing spring air
Rushes us with calm care
Now we can finally take in the view
We can watch the clouds pass through
On top of a hill with soft grass
We gently close our eyes and pass
Brandon Amberger Dec 2015
Natural Originality
With a crazy mentality
Creates a wicked Individuality

When not attached to any wires
It can spread like a wild fire
And it inspires

For those who aren’t afraid
Will be made
Others will have prayed

That they won’t become just another clone
That they were put out of their comfort zone
And one day these people will be well known
Brandon Amberger Aug 2019
Photography to me, is capturing fractions of moments that are so mesemerizing a fraction is still beautiful.  I don’t mean this in a bad way either. To be honest a photo doesn’t ever give me the full experience and won’t ever will. But these moments lived where so amazing even just a fraction is beautiful. You’ll never capture the taste, the smell, the hair standing up on your back. Your capturing just one of our senses and that by itself is miraculous.
Brandon Amberger Dec 2019
There are very few things that you won’t get better at with practice, time and resilience.
Brandon Amberger Sep 2018
You know you're like the sun.
Radiating beauty naturally
and everlasting.
Brandon Amberger Jun 2019
But have you seen the true darkness?
Floating all alone in the ocean.
Creatures unimaginable, even within dreams below.
Relentless, swarming and circling of unknown proportions.
Just watching and waiting calmly.
Because it’s just a matter of time.
Till everything goes black.
Brandon Amberger Aug 2015
Lately I’ve been in a depression
Too resolve I need a form of expression
I’m upset because of my expectations
These expectations arise many speculations
I wonder if my expectations are too high
All I do is simply rely
On the fact that people will do the right thing
Even if its as simple as pushing someone on a swing
Is that asking too much?
If that’s the case, people have lost their touch.
People need to do things for the right reasons.
Not just during the holy season.
Even in religion doing the right thing is rewarded.
You’ll go too heaven because you believe God has you recorded
That isn’t right, because you should do it without any recognition
Even if it’s against your tradition
My friends say that with these beliefs I will be trampled
But if one person gets a sample
I know that I have been successful
And I will die without being stressful
Brandon Amberger Apr 2018
Sentient beings
live among the universe,
curious and scared.
Brandon Amberger Aug 2015
We lay in shackles
While the wood crackles
From the fire that consumes
And engrosses the world with fumes
Of desperation, and pity
A self-destructive species that thinks it’s witty
We look upon the stars
As if the world was a buried jar
With the slippery glass there’s no way out
Just an overwhelming drought
Billy would say we didn’t start it
A common answer that appears to be legit
But isn’t it our duty?
To protect this innocent raw beauty
To uphold the ideals we see fit
Or has the human race quit
Brandon Amberger Feb 2018
Your struggles in the present, are quite often laughs for yourself in the future.
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