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  May 2015 kaden
In the vastness of space
There are stars that choose
to revolve around each other.
We met -
as random as comets passing
our own paths predetermined
or so we thought.
With that first boyish grin
my orbit was revised.
I don't know -
was it my laugh, perhaps my smile?
that drew you in closer
to me.
Maybe it was it gravity,
or magic-
An unknown allurement
that began our
elective affinity?
Call it what you will -
the effect is undeniable...
The energy created between us
filled the air.
pulling us closer...
your place?
no mine...
You drank whiskey
I prefer wine
You love this song -
        so do I...
Slow dancing ~
melting into a kiss.
Statistical differences
        fade into nothingness....
The warm sensation
of our hands,
      learning the landscape
            of the others body.
Tongues join the exploration.
       Clothes leave the equation.
The energy pulling you
- into me
impossible to resist.
my orbit irrevocably changed -
forever whirling
kaden May 2015
i live in a dark, scary place... my mind isn't home
and it turns out, that i was never really welcome.
i long for light, a way to find a way back but
i am trapped inside of nightmares that are non-existent.
crazy; that's what they call it. but i call it a thought
etched deeper than the casual bruise. i'm a loud guy, i must admit.
my mind is silent. and sometimes silence is violent.
i see, and i believe. but most of it is what the naked eye cannot deceive. 

*my mind isn't home, so i guess you can call me homesick.
i'm just thinking a lot right now...
kaden May 2015
we had a lot of firsts together,
and i'll have a lot more,
but our firsts will always be my favorite.
  Apr 2015 kaden
"do you love poetry?"
"yes, and art and books."
"so you love all the beautiful things, do you love yourself?"

*and i thought she loved all the beautiful things.
This happened last week. A conversation between the person I've fallen in love with and I.
kaden Apr 2015

I gave my all to your heart devotionally
I had you wrapped around my finger too emotionally
Guess i shouldn't of let you see that other half of me
But i was really in love, you see, i'm so sorry
old poem
kaden Apr 2015
we're just two lost souls swimming in a fishbowl,
year after year;
running over the same old ground,
what have we found?
the same old fears,
*wish you were here...
my favorite lyrics ever..
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