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SC Feb 2019
Leave a flower
     in a *** too small
           it will never reach
                 its full potential...
Put a woman
     on a pedestal
         incarcerated by your
               unrealistic expectations                  
She will mature-
     chase her curiosity
          expand her horizons
She will continue her
      never- ending pursuit
to be the women she knows
     in her heart
           she is meant to be.
She is burdened with the guilt
     of failing to live up to
          your fantasy...
But she will also grow
and eventually resentment-
for you!
SC Jan 2019
I know the emptiness
-after a long trying day-
coming home to
absolutely no one.
I know the insatiable longing
to share good and bad
as free time is filled
with reruns.
I know the regrets
of a past filled
with lovers come
and gone.
I feel the hunger
that can drive one
down reckless and
very dead ends.
I understand the
holes in a soul
that often feels
more lost than found.
Emptiness, longing, regret, hunger and holes
are in my mirror
That's why we are friends -
your mirror reflects
the same...
SC Nov 2018
It's not your looks, your wit
your walk or
your talk -
You're danger!
For the unaware
with unencumbered hearts.
of your boyish charm!
Disguising what should be
a heart
but instead -
is a skull and cross bones.
No reciprocation-
your shell of a soul
has been left
For She who lies, deceives-
manipulator extraordinaire!
Holds your heart captive
and you-her schlemiel-
poor you -
are but a proxy
of the man
you could be -  
you used to be-
reduced to
a living, breathing
simply waiting to befall
poor fools
like me.
SC Feb 2018
The final gift-
    That goes unspoken...
Don't tell me about it MOM!
   But it would be worse
If I left it all up to you four...
   When you open that box
        You need only make a call
All information
    (t)'s  crossed
        (i)'s  dotted
    pa­id for
Don't cry for me - my time is done
Enjoy the Johnny Walker Blue
    Patron (Gran)
        and two bottles of wine I've left for you.
This isn't morbid
     It is a necessity
My final gift of love
    for all of you!
SC Nov 2017
Another every day,
feed the dogs
go to work
return home.
Paint, video gaming
return emails...
Another everyday.
Remember to eat
do laundry
shop for food (you don't eat)
Another everyday.
Hide behind the smile
Be polite to strangers
professional at work
Another everyday of denying the pain
caused by the hole only you can fill.
Deny the longing
Deny how much I miss
your smile
your touch
The very smell of you.
Just another everyday
...without you!
SC Oct 2017
Don't pity the broken doll,
ravished by
           and scars...
Her heart is not unscathed
It too carries
Those who judge by what they see
will never know the beauty forged
beneath the broken shell.
Therein lies a heart convinced
     love exists.
The one who isn't a Knight
       devoid of shining armor.
One who too - has survived
       the chaos we call life...
These hearts will meet!
      That is her hope
             That is her dream
Until that day she persists-
      On the strength born of pain...
SC Mar 2017
Where are the heroes?
The men of stout heart
willing to
pick up and carry
the mantel of the weak-
unable to fend for self?

Where are the men that know how to love?
bravely and unabashedly?
Those with no need
to lust after any woman
that feeds a fragile ego?

Is the concept of a hero
just a fantasy?
A Disney ideal?
Is the only prince
the one with four legs
you carefully choose from the litter
and carry home so lovingly?

Are the acts we see of heroism
the accidental conduct
of an over-inflated ego
cloaked in self righteousness?
Seen through the lens of rose colored glasses

Why must my faith in heroes
die painfully in the sea of disappointment-
while desperately clinging to the hope that
just maybe-
this guy is for real?
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