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  Aug 2015 Orpheus' Soul
Zac Elmore
A butterfly came
A purple butterfly
At the same time we laughed
Because it's the color we loved

Another butterfly came
and it landed on your nose
And I thought all the happiness
My life with you

Now a black one
landed on my shoulder
A special butterfly
which reminded me
All the miseries and sorrows
Without your love
Orpheus' Soul Aug 2015
I woke up this morning
I saw our old photo
We were so happy
I forgot why we both have that kind of smile
Just like how you have forgotten about us
The day you entered my world
You erased every painful things in it
You've made me the happiest girl
We are the author of our own story
Filled with sweets, rainbows, and butterflies

Until one day,
You wanted to erase yourself from my life
I don't think I could ever do that
Because since the first day
You have become my life - *my world
So please come back.
Orpheus' Soul Aug 2015
I know you was there
When I cried
When I was alone
When I was slowly falling apart
I know you was there
What I don't know is
Why you didn't came to save me
Oh God, why?
Orpheus' Soul Aug 2015
I don't really care
I just wanna be with you
Wherever you are
Even in underworld
I will chase for my heart
Life is nothing without you by my side
  Aug 2015 Orpheus' Soul
she may hurt, but she is not pain.
she may fail, but she is not a failure.
she may be tragic, but she is not tragedy.

*she may feel worthless,
but this, too, will pass.
so it's always worth reminding people (i.e. myself) that just because you feel something in the moment doesn't mean that it's permanent. an emotion is an instant, no matter how long the ache lasts, and an instant cannot define you.

(thanks for the daily!)
I never thought that a three second eye contact
Could rock my world like this
I just wanted you to notice me
It was never my intention to fall
I don't know where I lost control
Must have been somewhere between your smile and the way you dance

You have marked my notebook
But your smile left a mark on my heart and mind too
You are everywhere I go
And everyone I see
Take my heart with you
I don't need it without you

**I think I better Ron (run)
Fangirling. I dedicate this to the boy who made my day extraordinary. This is for you Ron Mclean Galang. <3
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