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 Jan 2018 Beeb
Elizabeth Bishop
For a Child of 1918

My grandfather said to me
as we sat on the wagon seat,
"Be sure to remember to always
speak to everyone you meet."

We met a stranger on foot.
My grandfather's whip tapped his hat.
"Good day, sir. Good day. A fine day."
And I said it and bowed where I sat.

Then we overtook a boy we knew
with his big pet crow on his shoulder.
"Always offer everyone a ride;
don't forget that when you get older,"

my grandfather said. So *****
climbed up with us, but the crow
gave a "Caw!" and flew off. I was worried.
How would he know where to go?

But he flew a little way at a time
from fence post to fence post, ahead;
and when ***** whistled he answered.
"A fine bird," my grandfather said,

"and he's well brought up. See, he answers
nicely when he's spoken to.
Man or beast, that's good manners.
Be sure that you both always do."

When automobiles went by,
the dust hid the people's faces,
but we shouted "Good day! Good day!
Fine day!" at the top of our voices.

When we came to Hustler Hill,
he said that the mare was tired,
so we all got down and walked,
as our good manners required.
 Jan 2018 Beeb
Katherine Philips
Hence Cupid! with your cheating toys,
Your real griefs, and painted joys,
Your pleasure which itself destroys.
Lovers like men in fevers burn and rave,
And only what will injure them do crave.
Men's weakness makes love so severe,
They give him power by their fear,
And make the shackles which they wear.
Who to another does his heart submit,
Makes his own idol, and then worships it.
Him whose heart is all his own,
Peace and liberty does crown,
He apprehends no killing frown.
He feels no raptures which are joys diseased,
And is not much transported, but still pleased.
 Jan 2018 Beeb
Richard Jones
During the war, I was in China.
Every night we blew the world to hell.
The sky was purple and yellow
like his favorite shirt.

I was in India once
on the Ganges in a tourist boat.
There were soldiers,
some women with parasols.
A dead body floated  by
going in the opposite direction.
My son likes this story
and requests it each year at Thanksgiving.

When he was twelve,
there was an accident.
He almost went blind.
For three weeks he lay in the hospital,
his eyes bandaged.
He did not like visitors,
but if they came
he'd silently hold their hand as they talked.

Small attentions
are all he requires.
Tell him you never saw anyone
so adept
at parallel parking.

Still, your life will not be easy.
Just look in the drawer where he keeps his socks.
Nothing matches.  And what's the turtle shell
doing there, or the map of the moon,
or the surgeon's plastic model of a take-apart heart?

You must understand --
he doesn't see the world clearly.
Once he screamed, "The woods are on fire!"
when it was only a blue cloud of insects
lifting from the trees.

But he's a good boy.
He likes to kiss
and be kissed.
I remember mornings
he would wake me, stroking my whiskers
and kissing my hand.

He'll tell you -- and it's true --
he prefers the green of your eyes
to all the green life
of heaven and earth.
 Jan 2018 Beeb
BE HAPPY. HAPPINESS IS A CHOSE. THINKING HAPPY THOUGHTS HELPS YOU TO BE POSITIVE. positive. negative. pluses and minuses. bad and good. positive positiveness. smiling, joking, laughing. SMILE! BE YOURSELF. so if I like crying.. NO! STOP DON"T SAY THAT. wait what? BE POSITIVE! so being yourself isn't positive? NO NOT LIKE THAT! so like what? FIRST OF ALL SMILE. but smiling isn't my thing.. WE CAN"T BE FRIENDS. why? NEGATIVENESS ISN'T MY THING. so negatively positive. i like that!
 Jan 2018 Beeb
Floating Spaceman
What is love if not breaking down walls,
The wall of trust,
The wall of insecurities,
The wall of self.

What is love if not giving,
A piece of yourself,
A piece of your heart,
A piece of your soul.

What is love if not sacrifice,
The sacrifice of time,
The sacrifice of dedication,
The sacrifice of ego.

What is love if not showing weakness,
To have your heart laid out on the table,
Entrusting your insecurities to a stranger,
To have your soul attached to another.

What is love if not all this and more.
 Jan 2018 Beeb
being in love
with someone
who doesn’t
love me back
is like being
buried alive.
the dirt is
slowly seeping
into my lungs.
i’m suffocating,
yet i do not resist.
i close my eyes
and let it take me.
 Jan 2018 Beeb
Star BG
An Owls Eyes
 Jan 2018 Beeb
Star BG
I borrowed an owls eyes
What did I see?
A vast beautiful countryside
ready for me to dance my way through.
A moon that gracefully chatted with stars
A wind that echoed in song.
A mountain tall and regal to salute.
And a person grateful
for Mother Natures ally.
The sacred Owl.
Inspired by Nagi Thank you for sharing your talents.
All who read you are blessed.
 Jan 2018 Beeb
black skirt climbing up her shining thighs…
she pulls it down and the excitement dies

from the men around her: “****, she’s fine!”
looking up from her phone- she’s next in line.

“may i see your id?” asks the giant,
she shows it to him- acting compliant.

female, black hair, brown eyes, twenty-one.
everything checks out- “stay safe, have fun.”

once she steps through those guarded doors,
she puts her pvc plastic back inside her michael kors.

no ‘x’ on her hand, but an ex on her mind-
she steps onto the dance floor and begins to grind.

many men manage to embrace her swaying hips,
bite her beautiful neck, and kiss her thirsty lips.

from their mouths flows a river of lies,
while hands below swim up sweating thighs.

she’s feeling ecstatic, but he wants more,
her “friends” watch as he carries her out the door.

to say “yes,” she’s in no position,
so he advances without a proposition.

the next morning when she wakes,
in funny places her body aches.

next to her he’s fast asleep,
her phone rings: bleep, bleep!

texts from her “friends” fill her screen-
things they typed, they did not mean.

“we’re worried…  where are you? text me the address!”
she gathers her things and pulls down her black dress.

tiptoeing through his apartment, she quietly closes the door.
she’s quiet in the car still, afraid of being called a “*****.”

when they asked her to come out that night, she said: “i don’t like partying anymore.”

— The End —