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Beeb Jan 2018
Kate said that she liked bricks.
I was taught that bricks are bad.
And they are bad.
Kate likes to tell me about bricks.
I don't like to listen,
But I must listen or else Kate will lay bricks down.
Kate scares me.
I don't want to talk to her,
But I must.
I don't want to become like Kate,
And I don't want others to become like Kate.
Bricks are bad.
Stay away from Bricks and Brick Layers.
Beeb Jan 2018
I sit sadly, a row away.
I glance at him, every once in a while,
Hoping for something to happen.
Sometimes he smiles at me,
Says something funny.
I just long to have a conversation,
And maybe, just be friends.
She told me that he's a *******.
I kind of believe her.
I can't let myself be damaged by him,
I'm already hurt enough.
I wish I was cool.
Beeb Feb 2018
If you were a person made of clay,
You would probably be devoted to your sculptor.
But what if you saw your sculptor killing and torturing the innocent?
Would you still be devoted?
If you answered yes, consider this;
Imagine the screams, crying, begging of the innocent about to be killed.
If you still answer yes to the question,
You need to be mentally checked out.
Think about religion before you become devoted.
Beeb Jan 2018
Daddy stumbled.
Daddy fell.
Daddy fell off a cliff.
I watched him fall,
Couldn't do anything about it.
Mummy screamed.
Her scream scares me.
Mummy only screams when its important.
I heard Daddy fall.
The leaves broke and so did the branches.
said the leaves.
went Daddy's head.
He fell far.
And down Daddy crashed.
Right against the ground.
Now I'm crying.
I was crying when Mummy screamed.
I only just noticed that I was crying.
Maybe bawling.
Is Daddy dead?
I must stop Mummy from jumping down with him.
Please Daddy,
Don't be dead.
Beeb Feb 2018
Even if god(s) existed,
Why would you support them?
Why would you be devoted to them?
If the god in the bible exists,
Isn't he a ******?
In Noah's ark,  
He flooded the Earth to get rid of the sin,
But that also means he killed innocent babies, children, and animals?
Beeb Jan 2018
Sitting on a stool, alone and drunk,
I make eye contact with Red Eyes.
I look down, staring at my drink,
I feel her gaze growing stronger.
When its at its strongest,
I look up into those Red Eyes.
"Tell me,"
She said,
"Why do you have such dull eyes?"
I contemplated for a moment,
Finally, I decided,
"Why do you have such vibrant eyes?"
I asked.
She nodded to herself, turned around,
And stalked away, off to find another man.
I took a sip of my drink,
Thinking about her question.
Thats the last time I ever saw Red Eyes.
Beeb Mar 2018
Snip Snip
Said the scissors
As they cut through my neck.

Slice Slice
Said the razor
As it cut through my wrists.

Die Die
Said myself
As I looked through the mirror.

**** ****
**** your self
They chant to me.

Drip Drip
Said the blood
As it fell to the floor.

Stream Stream
Said the tears
As they ran down my face.
Beeb Jan 2018
I don't understand.
Why am I so unhappy?
Is this depression?
Some kind of mental illness?
Or is this how everyone feels?
I don't want to feel like this,
Constantly worrying about how others will think of me,
I can't even do simple tasks.
I can't share my answers in math class,
I can't write anything on the board in Spanish class,
I can't talk to anyone in world history class,
I can't do anything right.
If anyone says something slightly sarcastic or mean,
I want to die.
I feel like a horrible person because of them.
I can't handle talking to anyone except for Annelise anymore.

— The End —