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Some chapters in life
Are better left

Some chapters in life ,
Will leave many a chapters ,scarred , blotted and totally messed.

Some chapters in life are better left unread ..
And that is how , life's most important chapters are addressed .
Something for today's prompt halfsies
Go out and change the world;
Only you can change you. Show
Others Kindness and end the hate.
Differences makes us unique.

Together is the way
Only way we can make this world

Everyone has their own beliefs, opinions, views

And we can agree to disagree--that's okay.
Life will be alright if we all got along.
I** know it ***** and hard sometimes-everyone struggles-it
Varies-person to person, but we'll be okay.
Each day is a new day-So live it like it's the last.

(Happiness happens to when you worry
About you not what others might be doing. Your
Life is yours not others--
Live it your way and forget the rest, but give respect-
Everybody has a right to
Live their own life the way they want.
Understanding all beliefs are out there is okay not
Just your's- No one is perfect, but together-maybe
All of us- can end this
Hate in this world.)
Written in a few minutes of picking the title from an Andy Grammer song. We are all in this together. Another 2 part poem.
©McNally/Flanders, Inc. 2017
Chained to these walls
I can see only the shadows
The fire gives light to these dark silhouettes
I call them by their names
Puppets, people, or books.
They're  my company and must be real.
I perceive only what I see.
Silhouettes and shadows that are real to me.
I force myself to turn
My shackles are tight
I embrace the company of  my companions
Puppets, people, and books.
I know them by no other names.

Inspired by The Allegory of The Cave
The Allegory of The Cave
Drifting like a feather in the wind,
Being carried here and there,  
In love's windstorm, around I'm spun,
Just a prisoner of the air  

Floating and tumbling in turbulence,  
Once more  being turned around,    
At any time expecting love      
To cruelly dash me to the ground  

Dancing like a feather in the wind  
With no solid ground to tread;  
While floating over restless waves,  
It's the cross current that I dread  

A feather.... just floating.... in the wind,  
How I fear the hurricane! 
The raging  winds of love's deceit  
That would see my hopes and dreams slain

Twisting and turning, out of control,  
Surrender the sole recourse;    
Let the winds of love have their way,  
Blustering with their awesome force!  

Just a feather carried by the wind,  
Sanity becomes a blur;
I rise, then I fall helplessly
While begging the wind not to stir!
 Mar 2017 Bani Marathe
Michael L
Your lips move slowly,
yet, in this moment
there is silence.
Your warm breath
caresses my face.

And with anticipation
I don't need words.
Everything you need to say
is whispered in your thoughts  
and echoed by your fingertips.

Your touch is thunderous,
resounding deep within us  
penetrating all my defenses,
filling that space between us.
In these moments I submit.

Powerless to resist this passion.
Ecstasy and lightning entwined,
flashes of lust and love
spark from skin to skin,
as the silent storm surges over us.

Briefly the world is muted.
Only you and I exist, fully exposed.
Vulnerable, we surrender completely,
trusting this silence to satisfy
our unquenchable appetite.
Thanks Elizabeth J for allowing me to collaborate with you on this poem. It was my pleasure!
She wasn't fighting for attention,
She needed help.
She felt invisible thats why she had to lessen the amount of cloths she wore,
So that someone could tell her she was beautiful,
Because back home,no one told her so.
She found it hard to believe her smile was enough to brighten her face so she masked herself with make up,
Trying to make up for what she thought she never had..
Theres always that girl like her,
What she needs to realise is that shes more than enough,
Beautiful as she is without approval.
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