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Bani Marathe Apr 2018
Of all earthly structures
The shrine and the altar,
Examples of existence of wonders
In the spectra of misery and mishanter.
The moment you enter,
The wall collapses
Amid the giver and the taker.
Faith aligns
Washing the grit off the ascender,
Souls synchronize
And sing to the mysterious amender.
Bani Marathe Mar 2017
Holding a mind and a heart working together
Fighting the moral conflicts that never end forever
They are the dreamers and the believers
Living a life different from the regulars

Emotions play an important role
Practicality dwells in the corner of the hole
They like to be in a state of utopia
Constantly looking for a better euphoria

But that is often sensed as a mistake and not as a gift
It creates imbalance and quantifies the reason of sorrow
Advises overflow to bring you down to reality
But they will never understand how hard it is
To ask someone to be somebody not meant to be
Bani Marathe Mar 2017
I wish I had some more of my childhood left
It was too soon too much to lose
Those enchanting smiles
Those ravishing times
The boundless mind that dreamt sublime

It's hard to believe those were things of past
What is left of now is brutal reality
Somehow I held onto my faith in love
But they made me realize it is unreal
We are all alike and we must follow the law
Live in the shadows and love the stench of lies

Innocence forever has left our side
With profound negativity we abide
Proudly we accept life as our fate
And continue to live like a merciful surrogate
I am still exploring the new realms of life
Mediocrity is the winner but it is the truth that suffice
Bani Marathe Mar 2017
You are not mine but sometimes
I pretend and I wish you were.....
I want to love you fearless of this world for sometimes the right things don't always give us the best feelings

Being with you gives me the red feelings
They are deep, strong, dramatic and intense
Take me into your life. Make me a part of it
Come along..Let's conquer the edge of our love and see

Never found a place so peaceful where I felt I belonged
Until the day you took me in your arms
In the very stillness of moment...I came alive
I lost myself in the tranquillity of your love...
And I found you!

I love the way you make me feel
So beautiful and full of zeal
Liberating me of all that is surreal
You transform me into someone so real
Bani Marathe Feb 2017
What he wanted to give me now
I didn't want that anymore!!

Why not give it another chance?
Many questions are left unanswered

I have made up my mind and decided to cross the line
But they still want me to simply stay at my crossroads

I have nothing to give or to accept
When it's all over for me then how do I refrain

Before it's too late for anything to protect
I am saving the good moments and moving away

There was too much pain in living alone
Wanting to be with you and your love regrown

But now I don't hold any grudges for more
All that you want to give is not what I want anymore!!
Bani Marathe Feb 2017
The nights are longer

The sky is higher

Dreams have been painted

The fate of silence

Is yet to conspire...
Bani Marathe Feb 2017
I have lost the best part of me somewhere

My heart is empty with nothing to fill

Everything is falling apart and I feel helpless

The wall around me is slowly breaking down

Don't know how long I can resist the fall

After all these years I have nothing to talk

Silence has become my new identity

I feel intimidated to trust myself

Tried to put on happy faces all the time

But it has created a bigger hole instead

Pain and guilt are killing me on the inside

I find myself lost even holding his hand

Being happy is what I am missing the most

I am fighting hard to hold myself together

Having lost my soul I see no turning back now
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