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Deep down in the depths of my ****** veneer,
I hear my name.

Do I answer or just stay here nestled in the vapour of Lethe?
Oblivion has merits, concealment of self in still water.

Aimlessly, carelessly swirling in drowsy drug fuelled forgetfulness.
Before we die we drink this water and pass on unhindered.

Ties are undone, people and places, completely erased
to be reincarnated, entering flesh again.

My name again is called, and with this sound comes memories.
I want to stay on the shore of Lethe. But, no.

Selfishness pulls me back to sight and sound
I am dead amongst the living.
Copyright © JLB
03:08 GMT

In Phaedo, Plato makes his teacher Socrates, prior to his death, state: "I am confident that there truly is such a thing as living again, and that the living spring from the dead."
Fifty shades of Grey was a movie I watched today.
I'd read the book so thought I'd take a look.
I wish I'd stayed away.
Copyright © JLB
01:40 GMT
The line is long.
Am I in the right queue?
Why do they use those stretchy barriers?
Why does the queue next to me seem to be moving faster?
Security checks. Everywhere you go, look or turn, a security check.
Look at the cameras and the border control officials, do they have to queue?
Shuffle movement up ahead.
Tinny old time music playing on a loop.
How many times do I have to hear "The wheel of fortune"? It goes round, I get it. Unlike this **** line, it's not going straight, curved, zig zag or anywhere, I swear if Kay Starr doesn't shut up about that ******* wheel I'll staple her to one and roll her down a hill.
No, wait, she's dead, ******.
Wait, the line is moving, yes!
End of the queue coming up, oh look a poster "Anything to declare?"
Does boredom count?
If yes follow the red line,if no proceed through the green exit.
Yes, finally, green for me.
NO, I've nothing to declare, stop, take me back to the green exit.

The wheel of fortune goes spinning around
The music stops, a tinny voice is heard
"Welcome to purgatory. Your stay is dependent upon truth, honesty and atonement. Please conduct any queries or questions via your religious belief system and representatives"
Copyright © JLB
03:03 GMT
Have you ever noticed?

Have you ever seen?

Have you ever heard?

Have you ever screamed?

Have you ever touched?

Have you ever felt?

Have you ever asked?

Have you ever received?

Have you ever lived?

Have you ever loved?

Have you ever even noticed?
Copyright © JLB
01:50 BST
The ink on my nib has run dry.
The cursor is flashing, giving me the evil eye.
Shakespeare, Longfellow and even Poe; know.
Know the loneliness of a dry pen.
At least they were spared the "tic,tic,tic" of the accursed cursor.
Mockingly it baits my thinking, sending me round the bend.
Poe had a Raven send him mad, I've got a cursor.

(In computer user interfaces, a cursor is an indicator used to show the current position for user interaction on a computer monitor or other display device that will respond to input from a text input or pointing device. The mouse cursor is also called a pointer, owing to its resemblance in usage to a pointing stick.)

The curse of the cursor.
That's what I have, not a dry pen, but an impatient line blinking.
Always blinking. Does it go to sleep?
It's the refrigerator light of doom, you try to catch it unawares;
but NO.
It still blinks.
Copyright © JLB
03:12 BST
Copyright © JLB
23:52 BST

Copyright © JLB
21:58 GMT
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