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Michael Perry Feb 2022

driving down a back road
taking a drive through
Eastern Shores Maryland
going fast, feeling the car
as it purrs and hums under my
direction, the stereo plays as
the black top blurs in front of me
and behind in the rearview
the day is unseasonably warm
for late February, i can hear the hum
of the electricity in the powerlines
as i go fast, faster, harder then i should
i cannot help myself, the adrenaline rushes
then from out of nowhere, there is a farm
coming into view, something made me
slow down, there is a corral with horses
so i feel the need to stop-there were
two brown and white females and one
shiny black stallion, they were running back
and forth, the length of the enclosure
stopping every once in a while to feast
on alfalfa- i was awestruck, not sure why i stopped
but just taking a moment to watch beauty
in motion gave me pause, i never really took the time to
just slow down and appreciate my surroundings, i
watched them a couple minutes more,  just leaning
against the fence, taking in the moment, when out of nowhere
a black sports car was racing past me down the same road
i was on, at the same rate of speed i was doing before i
stopped, a police cruiser was right on his tail in
hot pursuit- when i got back into my car, i thought to
myself, hey that could have been me.

by Michael Perry
Michael Perry Feb 2022

my frame of reference when speaking of love
whenever she looks at me, that's all it takes
she is, what makes my whole world worthwhile; without realizing  

all the ways, so easy on the eyes, ready to ease my mind
a safe space, a place to lay my head
she is, all the love songs needing to be sung; perfect harmony  

complimenting all the ways i need her to be  
with her my heart is spoken for, more than just physical
she is,  what sees us through all the times; day and night

my life preserver if and when i need saving
capable and steady, with life's twist and turns, i run to her  
she is,  that safe harbor i drift to lovingly; every time      

body and soul , all that i adore, this woman i would die for
every thought to keep my mind sane, on an even plane  
she is,  the easiest decision i ever made; a revelation

my once in a life time, all the moments we share
my love and salvation, a driving force, so deep down
she is , my days and nights my forever in dreams; realized

my one true love, as we stand the test of time
the sweetest gift received, as my heart beats steady
she is, all my reasons why i live and breathe; say a prayer for

by  Michael Perry
Michael Perry Jan 2022
Our day was the most normal of all
meeting for breakfast, we were in love
looking into each others eyes, here
at our favorite café, where we met most
days, we sat at a corner table which
was set with fresh picked flowers
we ate croissants and drank chicory
oh to be in love like this, then at one point
it happened, his mood seemed to overtake
the moment; like a cloud covering a sunny day
then he casually said to me without any
further instance of emotion, that it was over
he could not go on anymore, he had fallen
out of love with me, how could this be
we had been together for a long time, there
was no consignment or strings attached, foolishly
thinking, we could make this work, albeit
discreetly, he left me in stunned silence
then got up and removed himself from the table
as I sat alone for a moment, quickly acquiescing
to leave, making my way home where I
paid the babysitter and sat in my chair with my head
back to ponder next moves-oh yes there
would always be next moves to make

by Michael Perry
Michael Perry Jan 2022
Mother Sun, Father Moon (inspired by Sylvia Plath)

your little girl, like Mona Lisa never smiled
still you breathed me to life
i was undeserving, given center stage
while a hidden pain lay until exposed  
i fell off the edge, not back to earth
a sanitarium waited, i lived till i died
-you both have yourselves to blame

by Michael Perry
Michael Perry Dec 2021
NO SECOND CHANCES (inspired by Sylvia Plath)

in all my moments alive, as the inky darkness thrives
among the trees standing in shadow like black animals
at attention, undefinable, they stand frozen, like me

what of life or death, ah, treacherous with obscenity's
i curse you stars to be wished upon, you have failed me
i am without voice, nor a tongue nowhere to be found

i am but a little girl lost, searching for a way to go home
i am without point, verge of insanity, still looking, always
so i write as a salve to explain away these wounds inside me

it has given me perception to delve into psyche's not mine  
what i could not find or fulfill in my short time alive, i know life
like death is a one way street no second chances, a dead end

By Michael Perry
Michael Perry Dec 2021

Our nights are always the same, we start it mundane
just simple, then a sip of wine to alleviate the days pain
we ease into it slowly, as the conversations get started
one glass at a time, we talk about our day, the kids, the car
will dinner be on the table this time? we laugh, we giggle
we hold hands by the fire, by the third or fourth glass
we have moved on to the meaning of  life, the state of
politics; ready to declare what side, we are on...we do this each night
in spite of ourselves, you'd think we'd know better
but with a touch grape on our lips, to let the  obscenities' flow steadier
we stamp our feet, and gnash our teeth, to make our point sharper
as the night rolls around, it gets later and later, now dinner is burnt
as we set blame on each other, we loose  inhibitions, as we become
all glassy eyed and slurred, finally we reach the end of the bottle
we're bad, what a shame, too late for another run, empty stomachs spurn so we order take-out from the place down the street and nurse
huge headaches that feel like hell on earth, we go to bed as if still
friends and  lovers, as if nothing has happened, that is until tomorrow when
we imbibe once more, getting our favorite bottle of wine from the local liquor store

by Michael Perry
Michael Perry Dec 2021

rise up to the day
catch every white silence  
bask in cold water

By Michael Perry
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