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Michael Perry Jan 12

Tender buds break
up through the snow
sun gently caresses
to warm the cold heart
reawakening it's dormant soul
oh bless-ed day
feel beyond the ice of death
brought back to life
in this our season of change.
By Michael Perry
Michael Perry Jan 12
gulls fly, dart
dive full circle
stealth,rise, fall
in frantic pursuit
searched for-prize
the pearlescent flesh
of coveted shell fish
that lays abandoned
on the empty shore
within useful persistence
a razored beak finds
one,spills out the flesh
ready to take it away
leaving the rest to caw
mocking-restlessly be
their insult, to miss out
frustrated flocks fly on

By Michael Perry
Michael Perry Jan 12
water is healing
flowing through the vein
of bodies tributary;   water is power
night and day, hour by hour
ready to create life, take it away; water is personified
sacred, purified, to sanctify, carried on for
generation after generation, constantly moving, unfazed, by everything else it surrounds

by Michael Perry
Michael Perry Jan 12

we are ready to be heard
we each want a say, not face confrontation
but if we must, we will, because we are not ready
to leave anyone behind, for the time has come

if we are ready, put all differences aside
take a stand, be strong, be steady, ready
toe to toe hand in hand, young and old; a rainbow
with a plan sung through words we have, a peace song

to stand beneath one sky, the call is strong
the tug to get behind fast, no it won't fade
as we come here, we deserve
to be heard, for what made this country ours

for democracy is for all, yours and mine
sing it together, come hell or high water
let us rally behind; a peace song, with voices raised
everyone must be heard, can you hear it, can you?

when we come together that will be the beginning
heed the call, walls will crumble, fall; let us have our say
forever is here and now, get ready, have raised fists
demand; stamp our feet on the ground, ready to be heard

within our action; through words and music
we put the world on notice, whatever the risk
for peace to come, it's within our grasp
as we watch, we burn a candle from every window

where all points of light lead, toward a brighter day ahead
we must, will not give up, ever be complacent, not sit back
realize the time is here, let us stand up for this; a peace song
without it, everything we fought for, held dear, or died, will be lost

By Michael Perry
Michael Perry Jan 12

she walks, making them wait, in heels and hose
for so long she stands under a street lights metallic glow
to give them what they want, as cars pull up slowly
she pauses long enough, for a deep breath, and another show

what happens next, will be up to her
before the future slips away, to take control of her destiny
make mountains move; realize the possibilities

in the shadows, strung out, lost in an absent stare
he comes one step closer, to maybe losing it all
he waits only to score, knowing he lives out there
heading for a dangerous fall, or just another close call

what happens next, will be up to him
before the future slips away, to take control of his destiny
make mountains move; realize the possibilities

unable to sleep, she sits there in the dark
she cries night after night, at the door, she stares
he's still not home, he will be very soon
the children close on her mind, she will endure, bearing all

what happens next, will be up to her
before the future slips away, to take control of her destiny
make mountains move; realize the possibitities

What happens next is anybody's guess

By Michael Perry
Michael Perry Jan 12
From a reflection lost in shadow
casting-forlorn, melting into night
we continue along the vacant beach
coming here; together, we carry the weight
both of us hold, with  no words to come
we shiver in silence, up against the cold
deep in our thoughts over reminiscent loss
to carry us along, needing to let go as
the pounding surf speaks in echo repeat
echo repeat;  only to leave us, susceptible to
undertow- to submerge us, unable to breathe
we can't go back, the way we came, we walk on
as if by now a simple refraction of light will give
us a moment more, to realize- turn day into night
with the moon up above, in circumspect, the only
witness to our trial, we will leave each foot fall to
fade, like this life, we are, lost to the incoming tide

by Michael Perry
Michael Perry Jan 11

requiem of a romance
gone-presumed dead
was it the flowers?-over done?
a bouquet
once they bloomed
now without any sun- to nourish, doomed to die
alone-together, cut from; on the vine
sullied- love left untried, everyone cried

By Michael Perry
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