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Clementine Valerie Black
24/F/texas    I erase and erase
59/M    The beauty that befell my eyes the very day we met, is more than I could ever hope to see And now as time has ...
26/F/TN    Reverence for the dead. Consideration for the living. Writings in honor and in spite of Pluto.
16/F/India    Writing my heart out.
F    Silent poet, Loud mind & heart
Theresa Hartley-Mace
61/F/Calverton    Been writing poetry since childhood! Love writing its my passion! Have 3 poetry books on Amazon! Love nature, animals and everyone!
18/F/England    I hope you like my poems :)
Jose Luis Carreño Troncoso
M/Chile, San Antonio    " IN THE DANGER GROWS, WHICH ALSO SAVE US..." I ´m Touristic Consultant & Marketing , cinematic amateur writer, photographer and amateur illustrator. Musician aspiring ...
Norman Crane
Canada    I live in Canada. I like history, coffee and cinema.
seek discomfort.
25/F/United Kingdom    Passionate but nervous. A writer in heart and spirit. I'm someone who wants to find their way in the world, and try to do what ...
Shubhankar Mathur
25/M/India    For things that may come and go, words will always be there to make you flow.
Veritia Venandi
F    A parenthesis in eternity,trying to extend the realms of existence every passing moment through the language of words...! Peace be with you all! :)
Heike Borgard
F/Duesseldorf - Germany    Warm greetings to you all! My name is Heike - my nickname is "Moon" - I am german. The ones that might remember me: Yes ...
Chris Saitta
50/M/Virginia    All poems copyright of Christopher Saitta.
F/tropical island    Splashes of expression to bring the depth of this moment into life. All copyrighted poems Shamamama
17/F    Poetess in the making✨ Logophile <3:D ©
Alex Scaife
20/M/London    Sitting on a star thinking how I'm not a star
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