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simon law Aug 2020
How far does the sky fly ?
How far does the sea flow ?
How far does the ground grow ?
How far can you go ?
simon law Aug 2020
I hope you are happy
It doesn’t make sense for both of us to be
That would be a waste
(of suffering)
simon law Aug 2020
Ok days and average days
But I am still surviving,
Sleepless nights and lonely nights
In my heart
I keep on fighting
simon law Aug 2020
Do not define me
as the man I once was,
Or the victim of tears that have past,
Do not Define me
for who I am now,
In fact do not define me at all

That privilege is reserved for me
simon law Aug 2020
If I am a flower that blooms in the desert
Then let me Shine bright
simon law Aug 2020
The doors are flung open
with mighty roar the voice shouts ;

“Enter your changes,  and step through to the light”

Expectations re-born, with visions of hope,

desperate stampede ensues.

But the journey with no light
No brightness in circles, no fight,
Emptiness starts to creep back inside,

It is now that they ask,
trembling voice their mind whispers ;

“How can I escape the pain from within”

Travel this path far enough, eventually you may see,
the dawn of the new purple light,

With destination in sight
a splendid transition transforms,
It is inside that their light shines most bright
simon law Aug 2020
What do you see
when you look up to night skies ?
when you look out to blue waters ?
when you walk through green forests ?
What do you see
In an audience of people ?

If you see
just the stars,
just the sea,
just the trees,
If you see just me,
Then you are looking,
but you don’t see
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