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  3d Anubis
by copper,
Armed with
blazing lead,
Looming over
soaked in
****** red.
Anubis 3d
I was strong enough to bury your pain
I fight for that every day
I told you I had to silence your haste
I fight for you every day

You knew I’d step up to take care of you
You knew I’d have no choice
You made me into a leader
You made me into your scripture

You left before I could say goodbye
You left before I could even cry
You left before I had a chance to help
You left before I could help you grow

I’ll miss you everyday of my life
I’ll miss you with every burial I conduct
I’ll miss you with every face I embalm
I’ll miss you with every hint of the past
I’ll miss you in the future milestones

I wanted to grow together
We were always best friends
I’m not a mind reader

But I will always fight for your honor
I love you Corbin. RIP. For Pluto. Read his poems. I have them posted on my profile.
  3d Anubis
Our love is forbidden
Your feelings are hidden
I’m crazy no kiddin’
Depressed I’m bedridden
How I feel.
  3d Anubis
She’s looking at me yearning
Yearning to take my time
I can’t stop hurting
Pain pours from my eyes

I’m weak for her, I’m on my knees
I’m Lucifer, she’s an angel, see?
My skin is hazel, green
I’m dead, I can’t be seen
Her love’s a drug to me
I’m a ******, I’m unclean

She pushes me away
And we both weep
Pretend that we’re okay
What I sow, I reap
For her I’ll always wait

Selling the rose she keeps
For a price far too cheap
I need her to know
I would spend my life
The truth’s in my eyes
I don’t need sweet lies
From the past I cut ties
See my heart, no disguise

Does art imitate life?
Or does life imitate art?
Can she see through the strife?
Can she heal my broken heart?
  3d Anubis
Everybody is the same
They just watch me writhe in pain
  3d Anubis
I can’t escape them
Parasites drain me
broken people seek me
And I am left with nothing
Negative thoughts control me
They are not my own
This world is diseased
  3d Anubis
We’re playing with souls like sacred toys,
Knowing not what we do
The stars see the Earth as confused noise,
I can’t stop thinking of you
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