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Anubis Jan 8
Time speeds up, slows down again.
The leaves fall, the stray dogs whimper.
The politicians keep lying, neighbors crying.
The children are fed chemicals
And the sun keeps rising.

Years have gone by with my brother in the ground.

I’ve stood atop this mountain searching for answers.

I’ve taken my chances, stood tiptoe reaching high.

My conclusions have lead me to a place of realization that consciousness
is a figment of time-space.
Physical manifestation is a result of this matrix colliding with space-time.

Years have gone by and my brother is still in the ground.

Years have gone by and the stray dogs still whimper.

Years have gone by and the children are getting sicker.

The politicians keep lying.

Time-space and space-time are the only truths that develop and unfold like a prism shining directly into my mind’s eye.

Are you awake?
Are you self aware?

Years are going by…
For my loving deceased little brother.
  Jan 8 Anubis
She arrived right on
time, now she is forever
in my twisted mind.

Her razor love sliced  
me deep, a never ending
river of blood seeps.

My heart and spirit’s
been torn, she killed me so that
I may be reborn.
Anubis Aug 2021
I am deeply dark by nature
But bubbly and light by choice
I am truly hateful by DNA
And I really can’t stand your voice

My giddy personality
Has yet to break me away
I giggle and gasp and smile in haste
Anubis Aug 2021
My efforts are always pushed aside
Again, all you do is run and hide
My words don’t enter your mind
My heart is stuck in this terrible bind

You never seem to truly listen
My breakthrough seems so forbidden
This is not nearly what I envisioned
How can we be one in this condition?
Anubis Aug 2021
A heavy pit closes my throat
My thoughts are the quicksand
Slowing my own two feet
Your betrayal hit me hard
But I scramble to pick up the pieces
I sit on the floor with trembling hands
Trying to piece together our childhood
Tears fog my vision, I choke on my gasps

This is what you planned
This is what you wanted
This is what you wrote about
This was your revenge?
What about me?

I did all I could to love and protect you

I can’t seem to grasp the fact that you left
I can’t seem to grasp you never loved me
I can’t seem to move forward

I am stuck

What will you do about this?

What will I do about this?


What is family?

What happened to my brother?
Why is this my burden to carry?

Why did you hand this to me?
  Aug 2021 Anubis
When I met her I was ready to die
Ready to go quietly into the night
Without a trace, suicide in haste
But I held on just to see her face
  Aug 2021 Anubis
Rebrand love as promiscuity
Rebrand fantasy as reality
Rebrand slavery as liberty
Rebrand greed as morality
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