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Astraea Sep 2019
You hexed me into a trance,
filling every available crevice
in my body
of what I thought was

I managed to swallow the silk from
your white lies

How dangerously sweet they were

You plucked each thread which
held my songbird heart together,
playing me twice for a fool (shame on me)
Astraea Mar 2019
"everything is set in stone," they lie

bold-faced they be
as they look you in the eye

in the presence of evil,
one must not cower

for even through
cracks of cement
rises a flower
Astraea Feb 2019
you are as smooth
as *****
a deadly sin
that brings me
temporary inebriation

your lust is whiskey
setting me ablaze
as you leave your
kisses on my body

but it is your love
that renews me
into sobriety

— The End —