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Astraea Jul 21
Velvety and vivacious,
cruelly curvaceous.
Splendidly saccharine,
devilishly divine.

Suckle my silky sweet,
indulge yourself
it's my treat.

Won't you come
bite into me please?
Astraea May 22
I have an outrageous announcement
to make:

I am not a fan of my own hygiene
I revel in my own grime
just as a pig that rolls carelessly
through mud

I take pride that I can go
maybe weeks
without a bath
because I found the glamor
amongst my decay

I want my breath to smell
of corroded teeth,
so I don’t betray my
own heart into
forcing a smile

so that I don’t wear down
my soul by giving it away
through the tales that
escape my impulsive mouth

my eyes,
oh my eyes
how mysterious they be
for I can sleep
endless nights
and when I awake,
I bring the darkness
from my dreams

I beg you to accept
this ****
this is me that
I leave bare
and cannot hide
Astraea Apr 20
when porcelain shatters
the fragments don’t piece
together into the state
it once was

what was once a
is now thousands of

lay askew

sharp enough to pierce
those oblivious enough to
seize it,
deep enough to draw blood
from those careless enough
to mishandle its
Astraea Mar 10
You are the Solace
which pierces through the cracks
of the darkness in which I reside in

You are the wind
that blows my very petals away
to leave me bare
and discover my naked truth

You are the earth
the rock which keeps me
and whole

You are my water
without you
I am
in agony
my thirst is greater
than the last

You are my fire
the passion which fuels
every fibre of my being
intimate and heart combined
Astraea Mar 7
the blood that has been shed
is confirmation
the battle was fought

as the blood leaves my body
I am reminded of
your presence

of when you were once a vital
part of me

the very extension of my heart,
the same that keeps me alive
and you

a pinnacle,
an abundance
of growing love

now empty

yet filled with
Astraea Mar 3
"everything is set in stone," they lie

bold-faced they be
as they look you in the eye

in the presence of evil,
one must not cower

for even through
cracks of cement
rises a flower
Astraea Feb 23
you are as smooth
as *****
a deadly sin
that brings me
temporary inebriation

your lust is whiskey
setting me ablaze
as you leave your
kisses on my body

but it is your love
that renews me
into sobriety

— The End —