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Feb 22 · 3.3k
Angie Rai Feb 22
The 'D' printed,
with the harsh corners of the-
Ariel in which I lay
on it's scar-branding curve.
I failed.
I should've revised better.
Nov 2017 · 132
Angie Rai Nov 2017
I hate many things in this world,
and here are some.

I hate that people complain,
when many would gladly take their place.

I hate that people use,
mental health just for some views.

I hate that this society,
is big on hype and major drama.

But it seems as though I fall the same,
and there is no one to blame.

My mind is slow,
my hands, slower.
But there is one thing I sure do know.

I sulk about my current state,
but help is there whenever.

I have problems time to time,
but exaggeration is my best crime.

Society has shaped me,
but I can change if I was bothered.

Me, an average teen.
There is nothing new to be seen.

I'm sad and happy, both the same
and freedom is my aim.

Well, I'll grow and when I do,
I can't wait to,
look back and laugh and scream a ton,
over the stupid things i've done.

I'll die the same like any average,
to be forgotten, without coverage.
I hate a lot of things, I also hate hypocrisy

— The End —