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 Apr 2016 Angie Rai
Tam Minh Vu
With your kiss
You send me to oblivion
With your kiss
You make me weak in the knees

How warm you feel in my mind.

With your kiss
Your eyes burn into my mind
With your kiss
I feel arms

I feel the arms of a wooden chair
I feel the hard cold truth

Just a picture
Just a smile
Just a person
Unaffected by the touch of my lips
The stare of my eyes
The trickle of my tears

But your kiss is still there
Just let it stay there
 Apr 2016 Angie Rai
KPop and horror films,
You're just the silliest girl.
I don't want you to go,
We've been through a lot,
I know.
I'm not going anywhere though.
You don't need to worry about that,
So.. don't.
 Apr 2016 Angie Rai
Frecky Rosa
The longest ****** ever.
Winter,  you're still yet to come...

Game of Thrones

— The End —